Snoring is a disturbing factor for good sleep for sufferers as well as for partners. Book uvulaplasty in Turkey against snoring as a sleep disorder.

Uvulaplasty - uvula reduction

When people – women as well as men, sometimes even children – snore, it can have a lasting effect on the quality of their sleep. Rest is thus disturbed for the sleeper, but also for people sleeping in the same room. Often, an enlarged or sagging uvula is the cause of snoring. Uvulaplasty is one of the surgical procedures in the field of ENT surgery, which can provide relief or even disappearance of snoring by reducing the size of the uvula.

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    What is a uvulaplasty?

    The term “uvulaplasty” is considered an abbreviation for uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP). This is an operation to reduce and tighten tissue on the soft palate. The soft palate is medically called the soft palate and joins the hard palate in the mouth as a transition to the throat and pharynx.

    In the center of the soft palate is the uvula, which protrudes downward into the throat in every person. It is used to trigger a gag reflex when foreign objects enter the throat area. Together with the palatal arches, which are lateral mucosal folds leading from the soft palate to the pharynx, gagging is triggered when necessary. This prevents the swallowing of unwanted foreign bodies.

    If the soft palate is too large or the structure in the palatal tissue is too slack, this can lead to a variety of complaints. These include dysphagia, disturbances in the flow of breath, or snoring during sleep, which can be caused by the vibration of the soft palate during inhalation and/or exhalation. The enlarged soft palate then flutters, so to speak, during breathing and causes the typical snoring sounds, which unconsciously also influence the sleep of the affected person. In addition, an enlarged soft palate can also lie in front of the trachea in the lying position and promote breathing pauses (sleep apnea).

    Uvulaplasty is used to remove an enlarged uvula and/or tighten the tissue of the soft palate in these conditions.

    How is a reduction of the

    uvula / uvulaplasty performed?

    First of all, the cause of snoring and the health problem in the oral pharynx should be discussed through detailed examinations. Potential causes may be enlargement of the tonsils, adenoids, or obesity, which can individually affect the tightness of the soft palate and uvula tissues. Uvulaplasty can be successfully performed when the underlying cause is the flaccid soft palate or an enlarged uvula.

    The actual uvulaplasty is then performed as part of a surgical procedure, which can also be implemented as laser therapy. The patient first receives a general anesthetic and is then treated with a soft palate lift, a soft palate lift or pure reduction of the soft palate, depending on the individual pharyngeal situation.

    Soft palate lift

    In the case of soft palate lifting, surgery is performed using extremely fine laser incisions. The incisions cause targeted scarring in the tissue. The natural healing process causes the scar tissue to contract and cause a tightening at the soft palate.

    Soft palate

    Gathering at the soft palate is performed by removing excess tissue, which is particularly beneficial in the case of major disorders. As a rule, removal of part of the soft palate is performed, as well as tissue on the palatal arch. If necessary, the treatment can be combined with removal of the tonsils. The gathering is done in such a way that the uvula also loses volume. The healing of the incisions subsequently causes a contraction of the scar tissue, just as in the case of the soft palate lift, which additionally causes a tightening.

    Palate reduction

    If an elongated uvula is to be reduced exclusively, it can be done via the soft palate lift or by the surgical operation or laser treatment of the uvula. Excess tissue on the uvula is selectively reduced, while scarring in the healing process helps the remaining tissue to contract.

    For whom is a

    uvula reduction in Turkey useful?

    Serious complaints due to an enlargement of the uvula can be accompanied by health insurance in Germany. However, if there is no medical necessity for the procedure, the patient must bear the costs himself.

    Accordingly, uvulaplasty in Turkey is suitable for all people who decide to undergo uvulaplasty for personal reasons or for cost reasons. If you want to be treated by the night snoring or other discomfort due to the enlarged uvula.

    Uvulaplasty / uvula reduction is suitable for all patients over the age of 18, which as a prerequisite also corresponds to the regulations in Germany. As in Germany, younger patients can only be treated with the consent of their parents.

    What should you

    consider before the uvula reduction?

    Operations such as palate reduction should always be considered individually and performed according to the patient’s health situation. Since the procedure under general anesthesia puts a strain on the body, the acute health situation should be the focus and promoted as best as possible.

    Thus, before the surgery for uvulaplasty, you should take care of your body and use a healthy lifestyle with enough sleep and healthy diet to prepare a few days before the procedure. You should refrain from consuming alcohol and nicotine and discuss individual health risks, for example due to medication, with your family doctor. For example, blood thinners and other medications should be discontinued or replaced with other agents before the procedure to reduce the risk of complications.

    If you decide to undergo uvulaplasty in Turkey, the procedure will be preceded by a detailed examination and a personal consultation with the attending physician, which will complement the documents you brought with you from your family doctor and ear, nose and throat specialist in Germany. Individual recommendations of the surgeon in the consultation for surgery should be followed accordingly very specifically to achieve the best possible treatment success.

    What are the possible

    risks and complications of palate reduction?

    With many years of experience and modern treatments, our doctors at the Specialist Clinic for Plastic Aesthetic Medicine promote your health and well-being through the adept implementation of surgeries such as palate reduction. Nevertheless, despite all caution and care, the occurrence of complications cannot always be completely ruled out. Uvulaplasty, for example, can lead to incompatibilities regarding the anesthetics used or to post-operative bleeding in the treated regions during the first days after the operation. Wound healing disorders, inflammation or discomfort due to swelling and pain in the throat area are also possible and must be followed up according to their occurrence.

    Common consequences of treatment include a nasal sound when speaking, which usually goes away after a few days. In addition, dryness of the oral and pharyngeal mucous membranes may develop, taste disorders may occur, or temporary reflux of food and drink may occur due to swelling of the mucous membranes. In rare cases, damage to the skin, mucous membrane and dental areas may occur.

    If laser treatment is used, the risk of post-operative bleeding is usually reduced. However, sensory disturbances in the mouth and throat may also occur with this treatment. Therefore, careful care according to the instructions of the doctor and medical staff is an important part of the treatment after the uvula reduction to support the healing process.

    Procedure of

    uvula reduction in Turkey

    If you would like to have uvulaplasty performed in Turkey, our team will arrange all the necessary appointments for you for the preliminary examinations, treatments and aftercare. Supported by a German-speaking travel companion, we will take you directly to your accommodation on the clinic premises after your arrival, where you can usually already have your first medical consultation on the day of arrival. Once all aspects have been clarified, uvulaplasty is performed promptly by our accomplished and experienced physicians.

    After surgery, you will receive optimal medical care and will be accompanied through the first days of healing until the doctor gives his consent for you to leave the clinic. Depending on the individual situation, this may already be the case after two or three days. Of course, you will be provided with painkillers as needed beforehand and given the best possible information about proper wound care. Then your contact person from the VIP-beauty.travel team will guide you to your room in the wellness hotel, where you will not only enjoy modern wellness culture in the further course of your stay, but also always have direct contact with the doctor, for example in case of complications, problems and questions.

    The first days after uvula reduction:

    healing process and behavioral recommendations

    For your individual health promotion after the uvula reduction, you will receive specific instructions from the medical staff and the attending physicians, which you can support yourself to promote healing. For example, you should only eat soft foods and liquid foods for the first few days to avoid irritation to the mouth and throat. Also, refrain from smoking, coffee and highly spiced foods, as well as alcohol and acidic foods.

    Carefully attend to oral care as instructed, supplementing with medicated mouthwashes if necessary. During the first few days after the operation, it is best to sleep in a supine position with your upper body elevated. This supports the lymph flow and reduces the stress caused by the blood pressure for the wound area. Drink plenty of clear fluids and refrain from extensive facial exercise that could affect the mouth and throat.

    For at least 14 days, you should not exercise, avoid physical work and, if possible, do not bend down. Body care should be done only with lukewarm showers. Hot full baths, visits to solariums and saunas, and strong sunlight should also be avoided.

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    What are the advantages

    of uvulaplasty in Turkey?

    Palate reduction in Turkey offers you a modern and efficient medical treatment according to the same high standards as in Germany. This results in a comparable cost for physicians’ fees as well as for medical services. However, since framework aspects such as accommodation and catering are significantly cheaper, you can book the total package of Uvulaplastik in combination with a wellness vacation in Turkey significantly cheaper – and at the same time experience the regeneration in a beautiful region with popular vacation flair.

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