O-Shot / Clitoral Injection

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O-Shot / Clitoral Injection

With increasing age or due to stress and hectic, libido can decrease even in healthy people. This can be due to hormonal causes as well as physical aspects, such as overuse of the intimate area due to pregnancy and childbirth. The O-Shot is a natural method of regenerating physical sensation in the area of the clitoris and vagina. The use of autologous blood as an injection enhances the body’s own regeneration and desire to bring back the pleasure of sexuality to the woman. In addition, the O-Shot promotes bladder function through sustained strengthening of the pelvic floor.

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    What is an O-Shot?

    The O-shot, abbreviation for orgasm shot or orgasm shot, refers to an intimate surgery injection treatment designed to increase a woman’s ability to orgasm. Depending on the situation, a natural filler made from the woman’s blood plasma is produced, which is then injected into the clitoris and / or vagina. This stimulates cell growth. The genital area becomes more firmly structured and voluminous due to cell formation.

    As a result of the O-shot and tissue compaction due to cell growth, nerve pathways in the intimate area are more easily stimulated. Through this, the woman is aroused faster and can better reach orgasm. At the same time, the treatment supports the pelvic floor muscles, which is why the treatment also helps mild bladder weakness and connective tissue problems in the genital area.

    How does an

    O-Shot work?

    For the Orgasm Shot, the patient’s own blood is first drawn to obtain blood plasma. The blood plasma obtained is then processed and then injected into the clitoris and / or vagina. The process is performed under local anesthesia with a strong anesthetic cream so as not to stress the sensitive tissue with pain. As a result, women usually find the treatment painless and pleasant.

    The introduction of blood plasma stimulates cell growth in the genital region. This sensitizes the tissue, as the increased blood flow exerts faster pressure on the nerve pathways when excitation begins. This pressure in turn leads to improved stimulation. At the same time, the connective tissue in the genital area tightens, which ultimately also benefits the pelvic floor muscles. Thus, initial signs of stress incontinence and other mild forms of incontinence can also be improved.

    For whom is the

    O-Shot suitable?

    The O-Shot is suitable for all women who want more intense orgasms and improved stimulation in sexual life. With a weak libido, some patients also report a reawakening of passion and desire. In addition, many patients perceive the treatment as rejuvenation in the genital area. Vaginal dryness, decreased libido and similar problems during sex that are influenced by menopause are said to be able to be improved. Women with fecal or urge or stress incontinence after childbirth also mention improved control over their excretory organs.

    Basically, the treatment is suitable for all healthy women who want to feel more pleasure. The O-shot can be performed as a procedure on women over the age of 18. The decisive factor is both the full maturation of the sexual organs and the sole decision-making capacity, since this intervention, like most other treatments of plastic-aesthetic medicine and intimate surgery, are only permitted in Germany as well as in Turkey when the patient reaches the age of majority.

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    The first days after the O-shot:

    healing process and behavioral recommendations

    Injection in the intimate area is a minor procedure that is implemented via fine injection needles under anesthesia. Accordingly, there is no real need for healing after the O-shot. The treated woman can leave the clinic on the same day or even after a few hours and return to her social life fully and without restrictions. Only high-performance sports, heavy physical work and sexual intercourse should be paused for one day. Light activities in the office, leisure activities and everyday matters, on the other hand, can be resumed immediately. Follow-up care is necessary only in case of complications.

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    What are the

    risks of an O-shot?

    Despite the ease of implementing O-shot treatment in the hands of savvy and experienced physicians, complete risk can never be completely eliminated in any medical treatment. With the O-Shot, side effects such as allergic reactions, mild flu-like symptoms in case of infection of the treated area or bruises and tissue damage, for example the formation of nodules, wound blisters or abscesses, may occur in rare individual cases.

    Other extremely rare risks associated with an O-shot include injury to adjacent organs such as the urinary bladder or urethra, vaginal muscle spasms (vaginismus), or migration of injected autologous plasma fillers. As a rule, however, such risks are already excluded by the detailed preliminary examination, which the attending physician will perform very carefully before the treatment.

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    Why travel to

    Turkey for the O-Shot?

    Modern intimate surgery for your libido is not covered by health insurance. Patients have to pay the costs for procedures such as the O-shot themselves, which quickly becomes very expensive in Germany. In Turkey the medical treatments and/or the physician fees cost comparably much, but can be saved over framework achievements such as the accommodation, the food supply and the versed economy of modern hospitals in Turkey lastingly.

    If you choose an offer from VIP-beauty.travel for the Orgasm Shot treatment in Turkey, we will pass this cost saving on to you. Thus, you can enjoy the modern wellness vacation following the professional treatment with high medical standards and still be below the cost of treatment in Germany in the total price. In addition, you will benefit from the high level of expertise of our doctors, our optimized escort service with German-speaking assistance and the high level of discretion that can be easily implemented by the treatment for the O-shot in Turkey.

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