Liposuction in the face

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Liposuction of the face and neck

If unwanted fat pads on the face or neck are a nuisance, little can be achieved with exercise and dieting. If you would also like to remove small fat deposits from these sensitive areas, the optimal treatment must be found for your individual case. Read at all the important information about liposuction in the face, neck and other parts of the body that cannot be sufficiently reduced by dieting and exercise. We will inform you about the modern treatments for liposuction in Turkey.


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    What is the goal of liposuction on the face or neck?

    As liposuction is offered in medicine for different areas of the body. In sensitive areas such as the face or neck, fat pads are usually fundamentally small, but significantly shape the appearance. Therefore, the right treatment can only be found with the support of an experienced specialist in plastic-aesthetic medicine.

    The appropriate method allows the removal of the unwanted fat pads without affecting the surrounding tissue. The result is a harmonious overall effect in which the unwanted fat pads no longer interfere – and, thanks to the professional treatment, do not grow back.

    For whom is liposuction

    of the face or neck suitable?

    Liposuction is a medical treatment of aesthetic plastic surgery suitable for people who suffer from fat deposits that cannot be reduced by other measures. On the face and neck, the unwanted fat deposits can be responsible for sagging cheeks, severe drooping eyelids or a double chin.

    In order for the treatment to be implemented, a careful examination by the doctor is necessary to avoid health problems caused by liposuction. If the patient is fundamentally healthy, the areas to be treated are free of skin diseases and inflammation, and the age of majority has been reached, liposuction of the face and neck can be used to remove the fat deposits.

    During liposuction of the face and neck in Turkey, you will experience high medical standards similar to those in Germany. Accordingly, the specifications for suitability are also comparable.

    When is liposuction

    not suitable?

    There are different methods for liposuction. However, not every form of treatment is suitable for every patient. In addition, there are limitations where liposuction is generally not recommended. This is the case, for example, when patients have severe diseases in the cardiovascular system, epilepsy and other chronic diseases, blood disorders (e.g. blood coagulation disorders) or kidney and liver diseases. Liposuction is also not feasible without serious risks for heavy smokers or people who regularly consume alcohol or drugs.

    Diseases for which the desired treatment cannot be performed are called contraindications. In these cases, an individual consultation must be conducted in detail and comprehensively. If liposuction is still performed, severe complications during treatment and healing must be expected.

    If you are interested in liposuction in Turkey for the elimination of fat deposits on the face or neck, our staff will answer basic requirements for the promising treatment in advance. They will also answer your questions about pre-existing conditions and potential risk factors.

    What techniques are used

    for liposuction of the face and neck?

    Basically, almost all methods of liposuction can be used on the face and neck. The decisive factor for choosing the appropriate technique is the individual situation and the amount of fat to be removed during the treatment. However, since there are usually only small amounts of fat cells to be removed in these areas of the body, the technique chosen must allow for precise work.

    An example of detailed removal of fat pads on the face or neck can be found in laser lipophysis or injection lipophysis. In laser lipophysis, fat cells are melted with laser energy and then suctioned out. Injection lipophyseal is also known as “fat-away injection”. This method involves injecting a substance into the fat deposits that dissolves the fat cells. These are then broken down via the metabolism.

    What should you consider

    before liposuction of the face or neck?

    Liposuction, as a medical procedure, should only be the last resort. However, since weight loss on the face and neck is much more difficult than on other parts of the body, a detailed consultation is important. Nevertheless, ensure a good and balanced diet, optimal hydration and sufficient sleep. Hereby, you are laying a good foundation for your health as well as your body’s healing abilities when you choose liposuction.

    You should also refrain from drinking alcohol, nicotine and other substances before the treatment. These agents can influence the blood circulation. If you take blood thinners or other medications on a regular basis, you should discuss this with your doctor. Often, blood thinners can be discontinued for a short time, reducing the tendency to bleed during surgery.

    Sufficient time should be allowed for regeneration, not only before the treatment, but also afterwards. For example, combine liposuction with a wellness vacation. At we specialize in the modern combination of medical treatments and recreational vacations in Turkey and offer you, in addition to comprehensive care, numerous extra services according to your wishes.

    What are the possible

    risks of liposuction of the face and neck?

    Liposuction is now considered a very safe treatment. Nevertheless, even with modern techniques, risks cannot always be ruled out. Especially the fine skin and delicate tissue of the face and neck can be quickly injured despite careful implementation of liposuction. In some patients, the result is not completely satisfactory despite successful treatment, which is why a comprehensive consultation with a realistic presentation of the prospects of success is important.

    Sensory disturbances such as numbness or discomfort may occur after liposuction of the face. However, these usually disappear completely during wound healing. In addition, post-operative bleeding from wounds may occur. Then bruises (hematomas) or swellings form, which are caused by accumulations of tissue fluid (edema). Edema and hematoma usually heal quickly and completely.

    The liposuction procedure may require skin tightening afterwards. In most cases, the doctor can estimate a necessary skin tightening in advance and, if necessary, recommend a combined treatment.

    In rare cases, nerve tracts and tissue fibers may be injured. If there is poor wound healing or if the wound sites become inflamed, there is a risk of fatty tissue necrosis. If fat cells get into blood vessels, the development of a fat embolism is also possible. Both forms of complication must be monitored by a physician and treated if they occur.

    Procedure of liposuction

    of the face and neck in Turkey

    If your decision is for liposuction of the face, neck or both, liposuction in Turkey allows you to combine medical treatment with modern wellness vacation. After the non-binding consultation on the phone and your booking at, we welcome you to your arrival in Istanbul. We will accompany you with a German-speaking escort to the hospital, to your medical appointments as well as to your treatment. In most cases, procedures such as facial liposuction are implemented on the same day. We also provide personal assistance when you move from the clinic to your vacation home.

    Medical standards are as high in Turkey as they are for liposuction in Germany. Thus, you will be cared for and treated by medical professionals and accomplished physicians. Your safety and health is the focus of all treatment steps. Follow-up treatment takes place every three months in Germany or with a physician of your choice in your home environment.

    Behavioral recommendations

    for the first days after liposuction on the face and neck

    Even a minimally invasive procedure like facial liposuction is a major strain on the body. Therefore, plan sufficient rest for the time after the procedure and take the instructions of the nurses and doctors very carefully. When leaving the operating room, any wounds that have occurred are already optimally treated and, if necessary, covered with a compression bandage. You should wear compression bandages for a few days or weeks as directed by your doctor. As needed, the doctor may prescribe pain medication or the nurses may provide cooling compresses and poultices.

    The wound sites should be carefully cared for and kept free of make-up and non-medical care products for at least the first week. Depending on the type of treatment, there may be different requirements for promoting healing. In any case, however, you should refrain from strenuous sports and physical work for at least one, better two weeks and keep your head elevated when sleeping / lying down. Likewise, you should avoid strong sunlight, visits to the swimming pool and solarium or sauna.

    However, light exercise such as walks are important and useful to support lymphatic flow. Promote your well-being by eating a healthy diet, staying hydrated, and abstaining from alcohol and nicotine. Swelling and hematomas can be relieved by cooling with compresses.

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    What are the advantages

    of liposuction in Turkey?

    If you choose liposuction in Turkey instead of treatment in Germany, you will not find any differences in the services. On the contrary, medical standards in both countries are readily comparable. You will also enjoy the Mediterranean climate around the modern metropolis of Istanbul. In addition, you benefit above all from the favorable overall prices, which are based on the lower costs for the numerous ancillary services.

    With you decide for the specialists in planning and realization of high-quality wellness vacations with included medical services. Our partners will ensure your perfect stay, adapted to your wishes. We pass on the cost savings on accommodation, meals and other services to you. Thus, we offer liposuction in Turkey in combination with a VIP vacation in Istanbul at reasonable prices. You will experience numerous extras, can rely on the competence of the experienced doctors and will be accompanied by a German-speaking assistant for medical and examination appointments.

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