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Lip correction

Full and shapely lips are considered a symbol of sensuality. The shape of the lips significantly shapes the facial expression. Thus, faces with narrow lips are quickly perceived as pinched. Few people have received from nature the perfect lips. Lip correction can help with asymmetries as well as reducing or enlarging the lips.

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    What is a lip correction?

    The term lip correction covers a wide range of aesthetic plastic surgery procedures that correct malpositions and disharmonies in the area of the mouth and lips. Not only can the size and shape of the lips be changed, but also an annoying drooping of the corners of the mouth can be corrected by targeted treatment.

    Often women, but also men, opt for lip correction if they are bothered by asymmetries between the upper and lower lip. On the other hand, if the lip volume is felt to be too small, lip augmentation with autologous tissue, biological substances or implants may be the appropriate treatment. Drooping corners of the mouth can be treated via mouth corner plastic surgery as a lower lip lift. The desired treatment goal and the method significantly shape the cost of lip correction.

    What are reasons

    for lip correction?

    Classic lip correction is suitable for patients who suffer from disharmonies in the shape of the lips. In most cases, the reasons for the procedure are asymmetries between the upper and lower lip. However, they can also affect the left and right sides of the mouth, manifesting as oral obliquity. Before choosing the intervention, it is important to carefully examine the cause. Thus, not only an asymmetrically grown lip can be the cause, but also an underlying oral and jaw malposition that cannot be adequately treated by lip correction.

    For whom is

    lip correction suitable?

    The appearance of the mouth significantly shapes the face, which is also clearly evident when speaking, when facial expressions make deformations of the lip more visible than the closed mouth, for example. Many sufferers then tend to have a rigid facial expression, feel inhibited in speaking and laughing, or otherwise affected by the lip shape.

    If you feel disturbed by the shape of your lips or suffer from the appearance of your lower facial area, lip correction may offer you the right treatment to compensate for asymmetries and freely show off your radiant smile with beautiful lips in the future.

    Lip correction in Turkey offers you not only the most modern, medical standards in a Mediterranean environment, but also the discreet treatment away from your private environment. This way, you can undergo the procedure without interference from others, relax on a spa vacation following your lip correction, and return home with a wonderful smile.

    What are the types

    of lip correction?

    Classic lip correction supports the natural shape of the lips in symmetry. Thus, disharmonies in size and shape are compensated or the natural lip shape is harmoniously adapted to the aspects of the face. In addition, the term “lip correction” is sometimes used as a synonym for other lip treatments. Differences for the treatments in the area of the lips can be found in

    • Lip augmentation with injections
    • Lip augmentation with implants / Permalip
    • Mouth corner plastic surgery / lower lip lift as well as the
    • Lip reconstruction for cleft lip and palate

    However, the transitions between lip treatments are fluid, several aspects of the lip transformation in favor of aesthetics and well-being can usually be combined without any problems. Since lips differ from person to person, a detailed consultation is indispensable. The team will be happy to assist you in this regard, in order to offer you the most suitable variant of lip correction in Turkey.

    What should you consider

    before a lip correction?

    Lip correction is a procedure performed in a sensitive and, above all, visible area of the face. The transition to the inner oral mucosa is fluid. On the outside, they are surrounded by a skin comprising only three to five cell layers. Inside lies an extraordinary muscle, the so-called orbicularis muscle, which shapes the basic shape and texture of the lips as well as the high degree of inherent mobility. Since they have hardly any sebaceous glands of their own, the lips dry out quickly without good care.

    The detailed consultation and the transparent clarification of the possibilities of lip correction according to the individual lip situation are part of the basics of every treatment. In addition, those interested in lip correction should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle before the procedure, check pre-existing conditions and possible medication with the doctor and clarify the compatibility of materials used as well as anesthetics. Make sure you get enough sleep and avoid consuming alcohol and cigarettes, which could interfere with the wound healing process.

    Although many types of lip correction are minor procedures with low risk potential and patients can usually leave the clinic the same day, you should allow enough time for recovery.

    In addition, you should be aware that although a well-done lip correction usually has no visible scars, it still represents a serious change in your facial appearance. For example, you may be approached by outside people about changes after the procedure. As the aging process of the skin continues, lip correction may need to be repeated after a few years, not only in the case of temporary treatments such as injections, but also in the case of surgical procedures with implants.

    What risks and complications

    can occur during lip correction?

    With lip correction, as with any intervention in the body, there are risks of complications and wound healing problems. Depending on the type of treatment, more advanced aspects may occur. These manifest themselves in temporary swelling and sensitivity disorders, for example, when the correction of the lips is performed with collagen or hyaluronic acid to achieve compensation of asymmetries. In addition, inflammation of the wound sites may occur.

    In individual cases, the lip muscle or nerve tracts may be injured. However, this is extremely rare when deciding to have lip correction performed by an experienced cosmetic plastic surgery practitioner. Therefore, always follow the advised instructions of your doctor and medical professionals for the promotion for the healing process.

    Procedure of

    lip correction in Turkey

    If you travel from Germany to Turkey to implement lip correction with, we will pick you up and take you directly to your first examination meetings with the attending physician. At this appointment (and beyond), you will have a German-speaking companion to help you communicate your questions and wishes about lip correction clearly, transparently and confidently.

    Often the planned procedure can be performed the same day, sometimes the following day. Medical staff will take care of you beyond the medical treatments, explain wound care after the procedure or provide you with necessary utensils and medications such as painkillers, cooling elements or medical care creams. The further procedures depend on the type of lip correction and the doctor’s instructions, for example, whether you can change to your spa hotel on the same day after an observation period of a few hours or whether an overnight stay in the clinic is required.

    We will then assist you with your transfer from the hospital to your spa hotel in due course. Also there everything is prepared according to your needs and wishes. Thus, the hotel staff will fulfill your wishes, provide culinary delights even when liquid food is offered or promote your well-being with further services. Contact with the medical team is guaranteed at all times. If your healing process allows it, your German-speaking tour guide will also accompany you on excursions to the beautiful region of the metropolis Istanbul.

    The first days after lip correction:

    healing process and behavioral recommendations

    Depending on the type and extent of lip correction, the healing process may take a few days or several weeks. In any case, you should allow your body to relax after the procedure and, if possible, refrain from speaking and pronounced mouth movements for the first few days. Solid foods should also be avoided, as the chewing movement has a great influence on the mouth muscles. Instead, treat yourself primarily to liquid food.

    Facial cosmetic surgery requires sleeping in the supine position after the procedure, optimally in an elevated position of the head and upper body. This improves lymphatic flow, making swelling and bruising less pronounced and healing more quickly.

    In the first days after lip correction, you should refrain from wearing make-up and strong sunlight. Visits to the sauna, solarium and swimming pool should also be avoided in favor of good wound healing. Physical activity such as sports and work should be suspended for two to four weeks, depending on the type of procedure.

    Of course, you will receive optimal support during the first days, which will be supplemented by individual behavioral recommendations from the doctor and the medical staff. If you adhere to these instructions, complications in wound healing are generally not to be expected.

    Bright smile after the
    Lip correction with

    With lip correction in Turkey, we at offer you the most modern medical treatments from the field of aesthetic plastic medicine at the highest level. We combine medical services with the Mediterranean flair of the metropolis Istanbul to make the time of regeneration from your surgery relaxing and beautiful. Experience the VIP feeling with personal care according to your wishes, a German-speaking travel companion and wonderful extras, which we put together for you in cost-effective packages.

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    What are the advantages

    of a lip correction in Turkey?

    Many people who wish to have lip correction are afraid of the sometimes high costs of cosmetic surgery. In Turkey, the medical standards are similar to those in Germany, which of course shows on the cost of lip correction in terms of doctors’ fees and medical treatments. However, many framework aspects such as accommodation, catering and continuing services such as wellness treatments, are significantly cheaper in Turkey. specializes in making your wishes come true for lip correction and other beauty treatments at a reasonable price. We arrange your desired treatment with professional partners, as well as booking high-quality hotel rooms, which allows us to keep costs low – and pass the savings on to you. So book at individual packages for your beauty treatment in combination with a great wellness vacation in Turkey at extremely reasonable prices.

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