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Hymen reconstruction - hymen restoration

In some cultures of our modern world, it is still immoral for a woman not to enter marriage as a virgin. An indication of virginity or premarital sex is mistakenly considered to be the so-called hymen, which in medicine is called the hymen. Falsely, because the tearing of the hymen can happen not only during the first sexual intercourse, but can also be congenital or prematurely damaged by injury.

If you are a woman and would like to have your hymen reconstructed for individual reasons, our team will be happy to assist you. Discreet, experienced and safe, we will answer your questions about hymen reconstruction and will be happy to advise you personally on the phone about the options for hymen reconstruction in Turkey, without obligation.


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    What is a hymen reconstruction or hymen reconstruction?

    Hymen reconstruction or hymenoplasty is an intimate aesthetic plastic surgery procedure in which the hymen is restored after damage. The hymen is an elastic, thin ring of mucosal tissue. It lies like a membrane directly in the vaginal opening and surrounds it. From the moment of the woman’s birth, it protects the vagina from the penetration of harmful organisms and contaminants. It usually contains one or more small openings. Body fluids such as vaginal secretions or, later, menstrual periods can drain through them.

    In most cases, the tissue also known as the hymen tears during the first sexual intercourse. In it, some cultures see the transition from child to woman, usually in the context of marriage and the consummation of marriage on the wedding night. Evidence of virginity is usually considered to be a small amount of bleeding during defloration.

    However, the hymen can also be damaged without a completed sexual act, for example through sports or injuries in the intimate area. It is also possible to maintain an intact virgin skin despite sexual intercourse, as the hymen is very elastic.

    The intact hymen represents virginity and purity in some cultures. If value is placed on a virgin marriage, bleeding at defloration or a and the bride is no longer a virgin or does not have an intact hymen due to injuries, this can be a culturally serious problem. In these cases, hymen reconstruction may allow restoration of the thin mucosal membrane. The reconstructed hymen is usually indistinguishable from an original one, even by gynecologists, provided that the healing period of about four weeks has been completed. In this case, reconstruction is possible in such a way that the hymen ruptures during the first sexual act after surgery and a characteristic bleeding occurs.

    For whom is

    hymen reconstruction suitable?

    If cultural or family demands require virginity for marriage, almost any woman may choose hymen reconstruction as an option. Physically, there are hardly any criteria that speak against the implementation, since reconstruction is possible even without existing hymen tissue.

    Nevertheless, before the procedure is a detailed consultation, which in this sensitive case also includes alternatives such as artificial virgin skin. However, if the woman is convinced, the desired operation can be performed, provided that the woman has reached the age of 18. This aspect is identical in Germany and Turkey, as hymen reconstruction is one of the non-medically necessary operations and therefore the age of majority is required.

    The only physical requirement for the procedure is good general health. Then the plastic aesthetic surgery doctor can perform the hymen reconstruction. The intimate area should be shaved for the procedure and the woman should make sure that she does not have her period during the time of the surgery.

    What are the advantages

    of hymen reconstruction?

    By restoring the hymen, the woman can once again face the demands of her environment with confidence and composure. Modern hymen reconstruction is accompanied by rapid healing due to good blood circulation in the intimate area. The great and natural variety in hymen appearance does not allow even a doctor to determine after the procedure whether the hymen was ever damaged. The sculpted hymen usually tears during the first sexual intercourse after surgery and may bleed a little – much like a hymen without previous damage.

    Revirginization surgery (restoration of virginity) is low risk and can be implemented without much time. A particular advantage is the rapid socialization of the woman. Without long healing times, the patient can leave the clinic on the same day. Only heavy physical activity and sports should be avoided during the first week. Light activities, on the other hand, are possible again immediately. The first sexual intercourse after hymen reconstruction should be performed only after four weeks.

    How does the

    recovery of the hymen proceed?

    In hymen reconstruction, mostly outpatient treatment is proposed, which is implemented under local anesthesia. However, at the patient’s request, the procedure can be performed under anesthesia. As a rule, the operation lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

    Once anesthesia or anesthesia has been administered, the physician will prefer to perform the hymen reconstruction by suturing the remaining hymen tissue. If the available tissue is not sufficient, supplementary tissue can be removed from the posterior vaginal wall and placed at the vaginal entrance. This results in the modeling of the hymen, which ultimately cannot be distinguished from the formerly intact hymen. Sutures are made with self-dissolving sutures and do not need to be pulled after the wounds have healed.

    The first days after hymen reconstruction:

    healing process and behavioral recommendations

    Theoretically, the patient can resume her social life immediately. Nevertheless, a little rest following the procedure can’t hurt. A day or two of rest can promote healing, and alcohol and nicotine should be avoided so as not to affect the body’s circulation. Lifting heavy loads, physically demanding work and competitive sports should be avoided for at least one week.

    Cleaning the intimate area should be done very carefully and without products containing irritants. The use of tampons should be avoided for a few weeks so as not to disrupt the healing process. Even if healing is largely complete after a few days, it is advisable to wait until the first sexual act until the stitches have dissolved independently.

    What risks and complications can

    occur during hymen reconstruction?

    Hymen reconstruction to restore the hymen is very low risk and requires little effort. There are no large wounds, so the good blood circulation in the intimate area promotes rapid healing. Only in the first few days, careful hygiene is necessary to avoid inflammation caused by bacteria in the intimate area. Downtime does not need to be scheduled, but may benefit the patient. Basically, however, the patient is immediately fully fit for social life again.

    hymen reconstruction - restoration of the hymen
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    Why travel to Turkey for

    hymen reconstruction?

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