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Conchotemie in der Türkei

Conchotomy - nasal turbinate reduction

As a prominent eye-catcher on the face, the nose is of crucial importance for a person’s well-being. However, if a person feels unhappy with his or her nose and functional problems are present due to excessively large turbinates, conchotomy can provide a new lease on life.

At we offer conchotomy as a sole high-quality medical treatment in Turkey or combined with aesthetic nose correction in a package with a relaxing wellness vacation for regeneration after the operation. Benefit from affordable prices and the most modern methods of aesthetic plastic surgery in turbinate reduction in Turkey.

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    What is a conchotomy or turbinate reduction?

    Nasal turbinates are swelling bodies in the nasal cavities that regulate airflow during nasal breathing by swelling and decongesting. On them are nasal mucous membranes, which are used to clean and warm the air we breathe. If the turbinates are fundamentally enlarged or if disorders such as frequent or chronic infections or allergies are present, the turbinates are often irritated and strained. Then a functional disorder may occur in which the enlarged turbinates do not regress sufficiently. Nasal breathing becomes more difficult.

    These circumstances can also have an effect on the external appearance of the nose in parts, for example in the case of extremely swollen turbinates and enlarged nostrils as a result. Conchotomy corrects the dysfunction and restores the natural appearance of the nose. However, nose surgery can also be performed in combination with rhinoplasty in order to avoid problems with the turbinates in the future and, in addition to improved nasal breathing, to achieve a visual improvement according to your wishes.

    What is the procedure of

    nose surgery for turbinate reduction?

    First and foremost, a detailed examination of the nasal situation and the patient’s general health is performed before the conchotomy. Then, according to the results of the examination, the doctor will give you a recommendation in which form the conchotomy can be successfully performed.

    The procedure is performed with local anesthesia or under general anesthesia, depending on the intended method. Especially when the conchotomy is treated in combination with a rhinoplasty, general anesthesia is the better choice in most cases. The type of treatment depends on the conditions present and can be performed as a surgical procedure or by laser.



    Surgical conchotomy is performed under general anesthesia. In this procedure, the inferior turbinate is incised inside the nose to access the underlying bone tissue. Special instruments are then used by our experienced surgeons for optimal removal of the bony tissue to give more space to the soft tissues of the turbinate. In the overall picture, the turbinate is thereby reduced in size. The soft tissue is then placed back in place, where it heals within a few days without the need for sutures.


    with laser

    If there is only a slight or clearly limited enlargement of the turbinates, reduction can be performed using laser technology. Depending on individual requirements, a special laser is guided along the lower edge of the turbinate under local anesthesia or under anesthesia. This obliterates part of the mucous membranes. The healing process causes the tissue mass to shrink further, leaving a reduced surface area of the turbinate that allows air to pass more easily.

    Can conchotomy be combined

    with aesthetic nose surgery?

    If you would like to have a rhinoplasty performed in addition to the conchotomy, this will be considered in the treatment plan during your initial consultation with your doctor and, if possible, the procedures will be combined into one rhinoplasty. Depending on the situation at hand, the doctor will then perform the conchotomy first before starting to correct the shape and/or size of the nose, or vice versa.

    This can reduce the number of surgeries needed and allow your body to recover more quickly and easily from the rigors, while you can look forward to your new nose and improved nasal function from the conchotomy.

    For whom is a

    turbinate reduction suitable?

    Nasal turbinate reduction is suitable for all patients who hope that nasal surgery will improve nasal breathing. This is the case, for example, when

    • anatomical peculiarities require a reduction of the nasal concha,
    • chronic infections are based on nasal dysfunction,
    • there is an enlargement of the bony part of the turbinate or
    • Changes in the soft tissue of the nose make nasal breathing difficult.

    If the patient suffers from the nasal problems, the conchotomy can be the first step in improving nasal breathing.

    Patients should not have any infections before the procedure, otherwise a conchotomy cannot be performed. In addition, the patient’s general health should be suitable to withstand a turbinate reduction surgery well and should have reached the age of 18 to ensure sufficient maturation of the nose. Exceptions must be permitted in Turkey, as in Germany, by the personal consent of the legal representatives if the patient is younger. Any blood thinning medications taken should be discontinued briefly in consultation with the attending physician to minimize the development of secondary bleeding during the healing phase.

    What are the risks of a

    turbinate reduction?

    Conchotomy is now one of the routine treatments for symptoms caused by enlarged turbinates. Our experienced surgeons can therefore usually rule out serious risks and avoid complications almost universally. Nevertheless, as with any medical procedure, there remains a residual risk with rhinoplasty. This can lead to unintentional injuries of the skin, the mucous membranes or at the nasolacrimal duct, or a dry nasal mucosa can lead to severe crust formation. In individual cases, the patient perceives an unpleasant odor (so-called “stinky nose” / ozaena) or experiences limitations in the sense of smell.

    Pain, swelling and sensitivity to touch may occur, as well as sensory disturbances in the face (eyes, nose, upper jaw). These are comparatively common, as they are closely associated with the treated areas. Any potential discomfort is usually temporary and will pass as healing progresses. Should such aspects arise after your turbinate reduction in Turkey, the medical team will be at your disposal immediately and, if necessary, supported by a German-speaking escort. Even after your return, you will be supported by the team and can have follow-up treatment not only by your family doctor, but also by our doctors who come to Germany in person on a quarterly basis.

    The first days after the conchotomy:

    Healing process and behavior recommendations

    With a surgical procedure such as a conchotomy, an extensive recovery period should always be planned due to the exertion on the body. Due to the reduction of the nasal concha, the face is usually extremely sensitive, which is why fast and violent movements in the face should be avoided, as well as heavy physical activity (lifting, sports, etc.). Already during your consultation, you will receive some behavioral recommendations from your attending physician that will support the healing process. For your own sake, you should adhere to these to promote wound healing and provide the body with the energy it needs to heal.

    Since nose surgery is a comparatively simple procedure, you should feel completely fit again within a few days. Many of our patients transfer to our wellness hotel after just one night in our clinic. There you should take it easy, avoid sports, sauna and intensive sunbathing. Instead, you can be pampered all around by the hotel staff, and after just a few days you can already take smaller excursions into beautiful Istanbul. If you have any questions or problems, you can entrust yourself to a German-speaking travel companion or contact the attending physician directly. The clinic will be there for you throughout your stay until your final consultation before you leave.

    conchotomy with
    Improved nasal breathing and wellness experience

    If there is a disorder of nasal breathing, a conchotomy may be the solution. However, health insurance companies do not always cover the costs, for example if the nasal turbinate enlargement bothers the patient but there is no medical indication. If, in addition, there is a wish for a nose correction, the treatment cannot always be combined with the conchotomy according to the guidelines of the health insurance companies. At you take your health and well-being into your own hands and complement medical treatment according to modern standards with a wonderful wellness vacation according to your wishes.

    We offer complete packages individually tailored to your needs, which optimally combine the cost of the nose surgery and the vacation in our wellness hotel. Once your surgery is complete and your health permits, you will move from the modern clinic in Istanbul to the wonderful ambiance of your hotel room. This way, you can enjoy the beauty of the Turkish metropolis following the conchotomy and still remain within reach of your attending physicians. Let us advise you and inform you about the innovative offer packages for conchotomy in Turkey.

    Conchotemie in der Türkei
    Why book a

    conchotomy in Turkey?

    While the landscape in Turkey enchants with Mediterranean flair, the clinics in the metropolis of Istanbul offer you the most modern medical technology and experienced doctors for nose surgery. Conchotomy is now considered a routine operation to facilitate nasal breathing. The high standards are reflected in comparable physician fees and surgery costs. But in Turkey there are also many aspects that are significantly cheaper in relation to Germany: Personnel costs, expenses for accommodation and catering as well as for further services such as wellness treatments you get in Istanbul significantly cheaper than at home.

    Our team will advise you competently and individually on your wishes for turbinate reduction as well as for other nose surgeries. We combine the surgery in our clinic with great wellness offers in our modern hotel in Istanbul. In addition, the hotel staff is attuned to your needs during regeneration and will be happy to pamper you with culinary delights and wellness services that will enhance your recovery. In the packages offered in this way, we pass on the cost savings for individual items to you, thus enabling you to enjoy the successful combination of sophisticated medicine and high-quality wellness at favorable prices.

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