For aesthetic reasons and in case of discomfort in the intimate area, the clitoris correction can give back the well-being. Beauty surgery booking in Turkey.

Clitoris correction

Both for aesthetic reasons and to improve sexual life, modern intimate surgery offers innovative operations for clitoral correction. The sensitive organ in the female genital area can be treated via clitoral protrusion, reduction of the clitoral sheath or correction of clitoral enlargement. This improves the woman’s pleasure and the quality of sexuality in the long term.

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    What is the clitoris?

    The clitoris is a three-dimensional erectile tissue that resembles an inverted Y in shape, with the lower leg curving forward in the intimate area. Here, the tip lies above the vagina embedded between the labia to form there as a clitoris the female counterpart to the male glans. This part of the clitoris is covered by the clitoral hood and is the most sensitive part of the female intimate area.

    The nerve pathways converging here and their stimulation are decisive for the ability to orgasm and the sensation of pleasure. The tip of the clitoris resembles a small berry in shape and size, which, however, shows different characteristics according to embryonic development and hormonal influences.

    What types of

    clitoral correction are possible?

    Although the clitoris usually takes a similar shape and size in all women, there are small variations due to hormonal and genetic aspects, which make each clitoris unique. According to the small but sometimes weighty differences, there are suitable types of clitoral correction in each case, which you can have implemented by our doctors in Turkey. Examples of clitoral correction methods can be found in clitoral protrusion, reduction of the clitoral mantle or correction of true clitoral enlargement.

    Clitoral protrusion

    With pronounced labia minora, the clitoris may be more noticeable and appear larger than is appropriate for a harmonious overall appearance and feel. Although anatomically provided with completely different structures, the clitoris and labia minora are closely connected. The resulting clitoral sheath is a tightly fitting area of skin of the labia minora. It may not adequately cover a clitoris that is too large or may not be sufficiently revealing for stimulation due to a larger clitoral sheath compared to the clitoris.

    Clitoral protrusion involves adjusting the combined situation of the clitoris and clitoral mantle in relation to the labia minora (inner labia). For this purpose, a lowering of the clitoral tip is mostly implemented. Part of the lower clitoral tip is removed in a wedge shape and the edges of the wound are sutured. This moves the clitoris down in position and tightens the clitoral mantle. At the same time, there are few risks of sensory disturbances, since the nerve pathways converge in the upper part of the clitoris. During sexual intercourse, on the other hand, improved stimulation will be achieved in the future.

    Clitoris sheath reduction

    If the clitoral sheath is very voluminous as part of the labia minora, it may not be possible to stimulate the clitoral tip sufficiently by covering it completely. However, the clitoral sheath is an area of the labia minora that merges into other areas, which is why a clear demarcation is not possible.

    The clitoral sheath is tightened tightly at the tip of the clitoris during reduction by removing excess tissue and suturing it to the wound edges. The exposed tip of the clitoris can thus subsequently be compared to the exposed glans on a man’s penis, where the foreskin has been removed by circumcision. Often this is perceived as more aesthetically pleasing. Sexual stimulation ability is also not affected by the exposure of the clitoral tip during clitoral sheath reduction.

    Correction of a real clitoris enlargement

    In rare cases, there is not only an enlargement of the labia minora or clitoral sheath, but a true enlargement of the clitoris itself. In most cases, the causes lie in hormonal disorders or the influence of hormonal balance due to imbalances in medication. For clitoral tip reduction, a wedge-shaped piece is removed from the lower clitoral margin and the suturing of the wound edges is used for reduction to provide volume reduction and aesthetic adjustment comparable to the effects of clitoral protrusion.

    For whom is the

    clitoris correction suitable?

    Clitoral correction is the appropriate treatment for all women who suffer from disharmonies in the appearance of the intimate area with emphasis on the clitoris. If sexual sensation is limited by the peculiarities around the clitoris, clitoral correction is also a treatment for improving stimulation ability. These include, in particular, problems with the size of the clitoris, clitoral mantle and labia minora.

    To have the procedure done, the woman should have basic good health and no diseases in the intimate area. Also, in case of severe cardiovascular diseases, severe circulatory disorders or blood coagulation disorders, the procedure should be performed only with reservations. In addition, the age of majority is required for the implementation of the procedure and the full development of the female genital area.

    A comprehensive consultation always precedes the clitoral correction. Here, not only realistically achievable results can be discussed between the patient and the doctor. Individual risks and contraindications are also clarified according to the personal health situation.

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    The first days after the clitoris correction:

    healing process and behavioral recommendations.

    Although the clitoris is a very sensitive area in the female intimate zone, in most cases the healing process is extremely fast and uncomplicated. Since the intimate area is very well supplied with blood, healing often proceeds quickly if careful wound care and careful cleansing are carried out. Pay close attention to the advice of your doctor and nurses, who will be happy to advise you on the best possible care. A stay in the clinic is usually not necessary, which is why when you book the clitoris correction in Turkey, you can usually move from the hospital to the wellness hotel on the same day.

    In the first days after the clitoral correction you should take it easy and especially protect the intimate area from interference. Abstain from sex and intimate area irritation, sports such as cycling or competitive sports for about a week. In addition, refrain from visits to the sauna, swimming pool or solarium and avoid strong sunlight in the intimate area. In addition, it may be possible to resume everyday life after just a few days.

    What are the risks of

    clitoral correction?

    With any surgical procedure, there is a risk that cannot be completely eliminated even by the care and experience of the attending physicians. With clitoral correction, there is only a low risk potential for complications, for example due to inflammation or wound healing disorders. In these cases, minor tissue damage or injury to the nerve pathways and surrounding tissue areas may occur. Proximity to the urethra may also pose a risk of injury to the urethra, urinary tract infections or similar problems.

    In addition, in individual cases there is a risk of sensory disturbances, which manifest themselves as insensations or pain. However, these usually pass away completely after a short time as part of the healing process. Accordingly, the consultation, which our team will conduct with you in advance and in personal exchange with the doctor before the clitoris correction in Turkey is once again detailed and in-depth. The doctor will explain to you all the essential aspects in the presence of a German-speaking companion, in order to protect your health in the best and most comprehensive way and to prepare you for the clitoris correction.

    Improved love life through the
    Clitoris correction with

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    Why travel to Turkey

    for clitoris correction?

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