Chin correction / genioplasty

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Chin correction / genioplasty

Chin correction has a wide range of applications: Double chin, receding chin or a very dominant chin are typical aspects that can shape the facial harmony. And indeed, such deviations have a strong impact on the effect of a face. While a receding chin is often perceived as giving an indecisive impression, people with a strongly defined chin are considered dominant and strong-willed, if not stubborn.

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    What is a chin correction?

    If the natural harmony of the face is lacking, chin correction can be a solution to compensate for disharmonies and offer the person the well-being that is desired. The options for chin correction range from enlargement to reduction to achieving clear contours in a harmonious profile.

    Chin correction, medically called genioplasty or mentoplasty, are the procedures of aesthetic plastic surgery that change the shape, size and structure of the natural chin area. In addition, asymmetries in the lower facial area can be permanently corrected to reconstruct the natural harmony of facial aesthetics. The special influence of the chin area on facial aesthetics can also be accompanied by functional aspects of various kinds. For example, a severely receding chin can affect the mouth-jaw position and prevent the mouth from closing.

    The jaw itself can also be influenced differently by the particular shape of the chin. Chin correction harmoniously balances such aspects to improve not only the functional improvement but also the overall visual effect.

    The options for chin correction range from limited treatment of the contours, for example in the form of Jawline Contouring, to enlargements of the chin using the patient’s own fat, implants or bone movements, to chin reduction by removing bone tissue from the chin area. If desired, chin correction can be combined with other cosmetic surgery. These include facelifts to alleviate wrinkles, corrections in the area of the mouth or nose corrections, which, when performed in combination by the professional and experienced cosmetic surgeon, result in a completely new, fresh facial harmony.

    What are reasons

    for chin correction?

    The harmony in the facial appearance shapes the first impression a person makes when they meet. If a chin is malpositioned, this is usually immediately obvious, which is why those affected often feel insecure and uncomfortable or even have the feeling that the person opposite them is only staring at this malposition.

    Chin correction is always useful when those affected suffer from their appearance or when functional problems are added to the visual burden by the chin malposition. Possible reasons for a functional change in the chin area may be, for example, swallowing and speech difficulties or may be due to insufficient closing of the mouth (e.g., in the case of a severely receding chin). Chewing problems, speech difficulties that can be traced back to the malocclusion, incorrect loading of the jaw and teeth or problems with head, back or neck pain with a cause in the area of the periodontium can also be alleviated in the course of a chin correction.

    For whom is the

    chin correction suitable?

    Do you suffer from a double chin? Does a prominent chin bother you with your rather delicate facial features? Or do you suffer from a receding chin that doesn’t give your look the facial contour it needs? If you suffer from such or similar aspects in the chin area, chin correction in Turkey may be the appropriate treatment for you. Look forward to a completely new effect of your facial proportions, which will significantly increase in beauty due to the harmonious shape of the face.

    Chin correction in Turkey can be performed by all adults over the age of 18 who meet the basic health requirements for surgery. The age restriction in Turkey corresponds to the guidelines in Germany and can only be undercut in exceptional cases with the personal consent of the parent or guardian.

    Health requirements include a good general condition. Pre-existing conditions should always be clarified prior to the procedure in order to be able to assess any resulting complications for the success of the chin correction treatment. This also includes regular medication (e.g. blood thinners), which must be clarified accordingly with the doctor. In addition, there should be no skin diseases or inflammation in the area of the treatment site.

    How is a chin

    correction implemented?

    Chin correction can be implemented using various methods. The correct variant of chin correction is hidden in the causes of disharmony and is determined during the consultation. Medically, chin augmentation and chin reduction are primarily distinguished from each other, both of which are implemented as surgical procedures under anesthesia. More limited treatments are offered with injections on the chin such as the treatment with hyaluronic acid in Jawline Contouring. On the other hand, chin correction in case of a double chin is usually performed through the combined treatment of liposuction and skin tightening.

    • Chin augmentation
    • Chin reduction
    • Chin correction for double chin

    Chin augmentation for receding chin: filler treatments and implant insertion.

    A “receding chin” is defined as the marked receding of the chin when viewed proportionally to the face. The profile view shows the chin to be slightly pronounced. The causes are usually a posteriorly displaced position of the lower jaw, a relatively small lower jaw, or a pronounced upper jaw with an overbite and enlarged incisors that make the chin appear smaller in proportion.

    The receding chin is often accompanied by a double chin, as the natural aging process reduces the elasticity and tone of the skin and fat deposits accumulate under the jawbone.

    Depending on the initial situation and consultation with the doctor, chin correction for chin augmentation is performed by fillers such as hyaluron (temporary), by the use of implants (artificial or autologous material), by jaw shifting or by controlled jaw fracture.

    Chin augmentation with filler hyaluron - Jawline Contouring

    For minor enlargements of the chin, treatment with hyaluronic acid can be used in the Jawline Contouring method, popular among both men and women, to accentuate both the chin line and the lateral jawline. Hyaluron is a natural component in body tissues that plumps and smoothes the skin.

    The injected filler degrades after a few months to a year, just like the body’s own hyaluron, which is why there is only a temporary effect with a need for repeat treatment. However, the treatment is very simple, has few complications and shows prompt effects due to its pinpoint application: in women, Jawline Contouring gives a slimming look, in men, a strikingly masculine facial expression.

    Chin augmentation with implants

    If not only smaller fillers for chin augmentation and a striking profile are to be performed, implants in the chin offer individual options. Suitable implants are models made of medical silicone or plastic, which are inserted through a small incision below the chin or in the mouth.

    In the same way, the body’s own material can also serve as an implant. This variant is often used when a nose correction or an ear correction is planned at the same time. The removed cartilage or bone tissue can serve as a substitute for an artificial implant, which not only combines two treatments but also virtually eliminates incompatibilities.

    Chin augmentation with jaw displacement

    The treatment of chin malposition with jaw displacement is an invasive procedure that is used today only in serious cases. The lower jaw bone must be cut horizontally for this type of chin augmentation so that it can then be moved forward. Fixation with screws and plates keeps the lower jaw in the desired position, making the natural chin appear larger. The healing time is correspondingly longer and is comparable to a jaw fracture. As a rule, healing takes between four and six weeks, during which the jaw should not be loaded if possible.

    Controlled fracture of the jaw bone

    If sufficient bone tissue is available, a controlled break, a so-called fracture, of the jawbone can also be used to implement the chin augmentation. In this procedure, the jawbone in the area of the chin is selectively broken, shifted forward and then fixed with screws and / or plates. The recovery time is comparable to that of chin augmentation with jaw displacement and lasts about four to six weeks without complications. The jaw should not be loaded during this time.

    Chin reduction for prominent chin profile

    A protruding chin shows up visually primarily as an aesthetic problem. However, depending on the degree of severity and the overall individual situation, functional disorders such as restrictions in eating and speaking or malocclusions can also be altered by chin reduction and the associated harmonization of the facial structure. Today, chin reduction is primarily performed by grinding away excess bone and cartilage tissue on the chin. In the case of serious malpositions and dysfunctions in the mouth area, on the other hand, chin reduction can also be implemented by shifting the jaw.

    Chin reduction by grinding off

    For the reduction of the chin by grinding off excess tissue, an incision is usually made in the mouth under general anesthesia. The incision is made on the inside of the lower lip to penetrate the chin area and remove the unwanted tissue. Depending on the situation at hand, this can be done via liposuction if fatty tissue bulges the chin area. If bone tissue is the cause, it can be removed with a bone cutter. Alternatively, an incision can be made under the chin, for example, to combine a tightening of the skin on the neck with the procedure and eliminate a double chin.

    Chin reduction by jaw displacement

    In cases of severe manifestations and exceptional malocclusions, jaw shifting can be the method of choice to achieve chin reduction in the long term. The chin correction is also performed under general anesthesia, and is implemented by a targeted removal of bone tissue and a cut in the jawbone, which allows the jawbone to be repositioned and then fixed. This variant of jaw correction to reduce the chin is similar to a bone fracture in the healing process and lasts between four and six weeks.

    Chin correction for double chin

    If you suffer from a double chin, in many cases the right treatment is not to be found in a pure chin correction, but sometimes also in a fat reduction in combination with a skin tightening. Detailed examinations provide information as to whether a chin reduction on the bone is necessary in addition to the intervention in the soft tissue. In most cases, the incision is made in the area of the ears in order to minimize scarring. From this incision, excess fatty tissue is suctioned out and then the skin is tightened. If necessary, excess skin is removed, the edges of the wound are carefully sutured and the result of the chin correction for the elimination of the double chin is fixed with an elastic support bandage.

    What should you consider before a chin correction?

    Before every intervention, there is a detailed clarification of exclusion criteria and risks. In addition, for chin correction in Turkey, you should have a good health condition to tolerate the anesthesia or the anesthesia well. All existing examination documents must be brought to your appointment and any necessary medication must be discontinued after consultation with the physician, which is particularly important with regard to blood thinners. In addition, plan time not only for the procedure, but also for the recovery period. Depending on the type of chin correction, this can be a few days or several weeks.

    In addition, in the weeks before the chin correction, pay attention to a good lifestyle, get enough sleep and refrain from consuming cigarettes and alcohol. This prepares your body optimally for the procedure, as a recovered body is better able to cope with the stresses of wound healing.

    If you decide to have chin correction in Turkey with, our team will advise you on all aspects and arrange your appointments in advance or remind you of important aspects concerning your treatment.

    What risks and complications

    can occur during chin correction?

    Most variants of chin correction are relatively low-risk. When using fillers, swelling of the injection site, itching in the treated area or nodulation along the injection may occur. If implants are used, incompatibility reactions may occur in individual cases with artificial implants made of silicone or plastic.

    Greater risk potential is seen in chin augmentation with jaw displacement or targeted fracture and chin reduction with jaw displacement. These invasive procedures affect the bone structure and must heal accordingly for longer.

    In addition to normal symptoms of the treatments such as swelling, bruising, and numbness in the lower face, temporary hypersensitivity may occur in the chin. In addition, as with any operation, there is a risk of infection of the wound sites and wound healing disorders, and in individual cases there may be injury to the nerve tracts or muscle tissue. Abnormal sensations in the area of the chin, mouth and lips or at the transition to the neck usually disappear on their own after a short time.

    Due to the long experience of our specialists in aesthetic plastic surgery in Turkey, chin correction can be implemented without complications in most cases. However, individual pre-existing conditions can additionally increase the risk, which is why you should follow the instructions of the treating surgeon very carefully.

    Procedure of

    chin correction in Turkey

    If you would like to have the chin correction done in Turkey, we at will take care of all the important preparations. First, we will consult you by phone, inform you about all aspects and then, according to your wishes, we will take over the planning for your optimized package of chin correction and luxury vacation.

    Upon arrival, we will personally greet you and take you to your consultation and examination with the attending plastic aesthetic medicine specialist. The German-speaking accompaniment ensures a good understanding, which prevents language barriers from occurring in the first place. Once all preparations have been made, you will be taken promptly to surgery, which will take place under anesthesia or anesthesia, depending on the treatment.

    In the clinic, we guarantee you optimal care by specialized staff. The medical standards meet the highest standards and ensure your safety before, during and after chin correction. After the operation, your wounds will be professionally treated and you will be bandaged with special elastic bandages to fix the results of the operation. Needed medications such as painkillers and medical ointments to promote wound healing will of course be provided if required. This way, you will remain in the clinic for monitoring until the doctor gives his consent for the transfer to your modern wellness hotel.

    We will accompany you during the transfer to your hotel room and will of course be at your side while you indulge in culinary delights or take advantage of additional services such as wellness treatments. Here, too, your German-speaking companion is at your disposal to contact the doctor if necessary, to coordinate follow-up examinations, or – as far as your healing process allows – to support you in excursions to the surrounding area.

    The first days after chin correction:

    healing process and behavioral recommendations

    In the first period after the chin correction you should sustainably spare your body and allow yourself time for regeneration. In the wonderful ambience of the wellness hotel, let yourself be pampered and enjoy the rest your body needs for the healing process. Of course, you will be optimally supported in wound care and all amenities will be designed for your healing.

    For example, in the days following cosmetic surgery, you should primarily sleep in a supine position with your head elevated to support the lymphatic system and reduce swelling and bleeding around the head. The lower part of the face should also be sufficiently cooled, while you should avoid normal care products and make-up, as well as sunbathing, visits to the sauna, solarium or swimming pool. Sports should likewise be avoided for heavy physical activity for at least four weeks.

    Depending on the type of chin correction, you will also receive individual behavioral recommendations from the doctor and from the medical staff, who will provide you with advice and support during the healing process in the first few days.

    Harmonious profile by
    Chin correction with

    Chin correction surgery restores a harmonious appearance to your lower face, enhancing your self-confidence as well as your sense of well-being. At we combine the individual treatment package with a relaxing VIP vacation in a modern wellness hotel in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul. Here you will be pampered by every trick in the book to make the time of regeneration as beautiful as possible.

    The cost of your chin correction package is as individual as your wishes for a harmonious face. We not only plan the doctor’s appointments for you and take care of the organization and transfer aspects, but also include further services in the wellness hotel or for excursions in the surrounding area according to your ideas, which you can experience during your vacation following the cosmetic surgery. Let us advise you and treat yourself to the VIP packages for beauty and well-being. We offer you our innovative offers for discreet and professional treatment with chin correction in Turkey.

    What are the advantages

    of a chin correction in Turkey?

    High medical standards, VIP level of vacation during regeneration and personal care before, during and after your stay form a combined package at that combines your wishes of chin correction with the best possible services. Thereby, our individually created packages according to your wishes ensure an optimized price-performance ratio, which is made possible by the differences in pricing in Turkey compared to Germany: While the medical costs and medical fees of both countries are the same, further services such as wellness treatments, hotel rooms and catering costs are significantly lower than in Germany.

    We pass the resulting savings on to you as our clients, which noticeably reduces the cost of chin correction in combination with a relaxing vacation in the metropolis of Istanbul. In addition, you will experience your regenerative wellness vacation in an exciting region that delights with a long history, exciting culture and Mediterranean flair. Treat yourself to the VIP-beauty feeling for more beauty and well-being that you will take home with you through chin correction in Turkey. Book your chin deformity correction package today during a consultation with the team.

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