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Cheek & Chin - Tightening of the cheek and chin area.

If the signs of time cannot be stopped despite good care, a tightening of the cheeks and chin can bring back youthful beauty with smooth skin. Typical causes of sagging skin on the cheeks can be excess skin after serious weight loss, weaknesses in the connective tissue that result in sunken contours, or drooping cheeks and sunken corners of the mouth.

If you would like to regain your youthful appearance, the modern cheek lift offers itself as a goal-oriented cosmetic surgery, which you can book in Turkey with in a high-quality and cost-effective manner.


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    What is a cheek lift or chin lift?

    Cheek lift procedures tighten the facial areas around the cheeks and chin to make wrinkles and sunken contours disappear. Excess skin can be removed and serious wrinkles in the area of the nasolabial fold and the corners of the mouth disappear. In addition, modern treatment makes it possible to restore a firm and youthful appearance to the chin when gravity pulls the tissue too far down.

    In addition to the classic tightening, the contours of the face can also be improved with the appropriate treatment method. This can be individually implemented by tightening the tissue alone or by using cheek and chin implants to offer you an improved lifestyle with your facial appearance.

    When is a cheek

    lift or chin lift useful?

    When the first signs of aging begin to show on the face, it greatly affects the previously youthful appearance. Even small wrinkles and excess skin can give a facial expression of sadness, exhaustion and unhappiness that cannot be alleviated despite adequate sleep and a healthy lifestyle. Affected people therefore suffer from the consequences, feel less comfortable and beautiful or limited in their quality of life. In the long run, the stress associated with this can have a strong impact on the psyche, and looking in the mirror can be unpleasant or even depressing.

    The causes of sagging jowls, a deep nasolabial fold or a double chin often lie in an area beyond the active control of the affected person. Even active and good facial care cannot always prevent the formation of the undesirable aspects, for example if there are congenital connective tissue weaknesses or increasing age causes the muscles in the face to slacken.

    In most cases, those interested in facial beauty surgery to help combat wrinkles use a comprehensive face lift. However, if only small parts of the face are affected and the unwanted wrinkles are localized, surgical cheek lift can bring about the desired success more quickly and without complications than face lift. In this way, sagging cheeks and sagging jowls, a double chin, sunken corners of the mouth and excess skin can be eliminated with a comparatively small and gentle procedure.

    For whom is the

    lifting of cheeks and chin suitable?

    If you are affected by troublesome wrinkles in the cheeks or chin area, cheek lift may be the appropriate treatment for you. Thus, the pronounced nasolabial fold can be softened and a double chin can be permanently tightened to bring you back a significantly rejuvenated and fresh facial appearance.

    However, surgical treatment for facelift of the cheeks and / or chin makes sense only after the age of 18. Only at this age and the associated age of majority can the cheek lift be implemented in Turkey. In this point, the treatment in Turkey does not differ from that in a beauty clinic in Germany. However, sagging of the cheeks is one of the typical signs of aging that is not yet necessary at a young age. Most patients who opt for a cheek lift are men and women between the ages of 35 and 45. Exceptions would be possible before the age of 18 only with the written personal consent of the parent or guardian.

    If you would like to exchange the disgruntled and exhausted facial expression for fresh and youthful radiance in your face to improve your attitude to life, we will be happy to advise you on cheek lifting in Turkey, which we will organize for you in combination with a modern wellness vacation.

    How does a

    cheek lift work?

    For the elimination of sagging cheeks, hamster cheeks, wrinkles in the corner of the mouth and the pronounced nasolabial folds, as well as excess and hanging tissue in the chin area (“double chin”), there are variable cheek lift options that can be customized to your needs. Individual consultation is therefore extremely important, and personal examination by the attending physician (in addition to any preliminary examinations that may have already taken place) is a matter of course.

    The most common variants are

    • Cheek lift
    • Cheek and neck lift
    • Lifting with zygomatic implant
    • Cheek lift with chin lift
    The most common

    variants are

    • Cheek lift
    • Cheek and neck lift
    • Lifting with zygomatic implant
    • Cheek lift with chin lift

    Cheek lift

    • Cheek lift can be performed at the first signs of fatigue in the facial tissues. If the cheeks are not yet hanging so much or the wrinkles in the corner of the mouth are not yet too deep, the procedure can be performed via a so-called subcutaneous lift. This variant is also called a mini-lift. The incision is then made in the area behind the ears or in the area of the hairline, depending on the type of tightening.The advantage is mainly seen in the almost invisible scarring and the efficient as well as long-lasting result. Since the pull of gravity does not affect the facial skin as much after tightening via subcutaneous tightening, the formation of mask effects can usually be avoided. If only a small but lasting cheek lift is planned, it can usually be performed under local anesthesia to achieve a natural, youthful appearance without the stress of general anesthesia. The procedure takes on average between one and three hours for both cheeks. Minor elevations of the cheek tissue can also be temporarily remedied by injections with hyaluronic acid.

    Cheek and neck lift

    • A cheek-neck lift is a cosmetic surgery that allows for pronounced changes under general anesthesia. With this procedure, even strong expressions of the nasolabial fold, such as the so-called marionette wrinkles, can be smoothed in a targeted manner. Even the transition between the cheek and the eyes, where smile lines or crow’s feet can appear, will soon be a relic of the past with the cheek-neck lift in the experienced hands of an accomplished plastic aesthetic surgeon.The cheek-neck lift is most often applied with incisions under the hairline, or alternatively over the area of the ears. From here, the signs of facial aging are implemented through targeted tightening of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Sometimes the tightening is also implemented as a thread lift. At the same time, an offset of fatty tissue can be used to accentuate the contours of the zygomatic bone, thereby tightening the skin. Excess skin may be removed from the cheek and neck lift prior to suturing. The surgical procedure under general anesthesia lasts between three and five hours for both sides of the cheek-neck lift.

    Lifting with zygomatic implant

    • If the goal of cheek lifting cannot be achieved with a simple lift or cheek-neck lift because the natural shape of the zygomatic bone is not sufficiently pronounced, the lifting can also be implemented using a zygomatic bone implant. The high and contoured cheekbone is considered a special beauty feature that offers the face a naturally beautiful harmony.Cheek lift with a cheekbone implant can be implemented alone or in combination with a more extensive facelift. It is performed under general anesthesia and takes about an hour for both sides together. In this procedure, an implant is pushed to the level of the zygomatic bone through an incision in the upper jaw and fixed in place. The lifting and thus lasting contouring of the high cheekbone tightens it almost automatically due to the increased volume under the skin. As a result, the result shows up as a harmonious-aesthetic overall image, which at the same time radiates more youthful and fresh.

    Cheek lift with chin lift

    • If sagging cheeks and the chin are to be tightened at the same time, the combination of the two desired aspects is a good option. In this case, experienced surgeons usually act with an incision in the area under the chin, towards the ears or place the cheek lift in such a way that excess skin and tissue are fixed internally lifted by the lift. The wounds are then sutured so finely that scarring due to the location under the ears or under the main hair is hardly visible after healing.The treatment for cheek lift with chin lift is performed under general anesthesia and lasts between two and five hours, depending on the extent. This form of facelift is also often chosen by patients who have a less pronounced profile due to a receding chin. Then a chin implant or chin correction with your own cartilage and bone tissue can also be the treatment of choice to achieve a beautiful profile in addition to the cheek lift. Artificial chin implants can be made of medical plastic or silicone.
    What should be

    considered before a cheek lift?

    Depending on the type of surgery you are planning, you should be aware of the strain on the body and allow sufficient relaxation time for the days following the aesthetic plastic surgery for cheek lift. Although a simple procedure such as a cheek lift will have you back on your feet comparatively quickly, good recovery can promote wound healing and positively affect the surgical outcome. Nevertheless, you should get a realistic assessment for the change in the face from the doctor.

    The surgery should be performed by an experienced plastic aesthetic surgeon so that facial expressions are not affected and a mask-like facial expression is not created in the first place. Clarification of possible risks and pre-existing conditions and their potential influence on treatment outcomes is essential.

    If you are dependent on regular medication, you should talk to your doctor about discontinuing blood thinners for a limited period of time, for example. It is also beneficial to pay attention to a good lifestyle in the period before the procedure and to refrain from alcohol and cigarette consumption in favor of wound healing. In addition, there should be no acute skin diseases in the area of the treatment surfaces.

    If you decide to have cheek lifting in Turkey, we can support you in the best possible way by providing you with a room in our modern wellness hotel for the regeneration period. So you can promote your beauty in the Mediterranean flair of the popular vacation region of Istanbul and return home from your vacation relaxed as well as visibly rejuvenated.

    What risks and complications

    can occur with a cheek or chin lift?

    In the case of cheek lift via mini-lift, cheek-neck lift or cheek lift with cheekbone accentuation, despite all the precautions of modern surgery, there are still remaining risks during the procedure or in the healing process, even with high medical standards.

    Since cheek lift is an intervention in the healthy body, it may react with swelling and bruising in the treatment areas. In addition, there may be temporary discomfort that manifests as numbness, tingling or itching during the healing process. In extremely rare cases, numbness and paralysis can occur if facial nerves are injured. However, these are temporary in most cases.

    In addition, depending on the personal health situation and good implementation of wound care, wound healing disorders or infections may occur. Also, in very rare cases, permanent nerve damage or damage to the skin or tissue may occur. Therefore, be sure to consider the specific instructions of the attending physician for the healing phase.

    Procedure of tightening

    cheeks and chin in Turkey

    If you decide to have a cheek lift in Turkey with, we will be there for you from the planning stage, through the consultation, to your trip. During the consultation we clarify all the important facts from the individual cosmetic surgery to the cost of cheek lift. In Turkey, we will welcome you and support you with your German-speaking travel companion from the first consultation with the treating surgeon to the completion of your appointments, the subsequent transfer to the wellness hotel and beyond.

    The consultation and examination appointment is usually followed promptly by the procedure, after which you may stay for one or two nights at the modern hospital in Istanbul. During this time, medical professionals will be at your side to provide optimal support for the healing process that is beginning. As soon as you are allowed to leave the hospital, we will take you to your modern room in the Wellness Hotel. There you will enjoy the excellent care of a VIP, who will be pampered all around and can relax.

    The German-speaking guide is always available to answer your questions and concerns. Of course, if necessary, medical care can be extended on an individual basis, for example if you need support for wound care or pain-relieving medication.

    The first days after cheek lift:

    healing process and behavioral recommendations

    In most cases, our patients can already leave the clinic the day after the cheek lift to move to the modern wellness hotel. After the surgery, you will receive an elastic head bandage that will help fix the changes caused by the cheek lift. Good rest promotes the healing process, which is facilitated by the presentation of soothing treatments (e.g. cooling compresses) or suitable pampering moments.

    In the days following the procedure, be sure to use an elevation for your upper body when sleeping and sleep on your back for best face protection. You should also avoid sun exposure, avoid physical activity for about two weeks, and avoid makeup as much as possible. Discuss the use of nourishing cosmetics with your treating physician and use medical care products if necessary.

    Light sports should be avoided for about four weeks, high-risk sports for the face (for example, ball sports) should not be done for at least three months. In addition, you should not visit the sauna, swimming pool or solarium for a period of about 10 weeks.

    Tight cheeks and chin area
    on vacation with

    Would you like to return from your next vacation visibly refreshed and rejuvenated? Then decide for the cheek lifting in Turkey, and combine with the modern treatment for your beauty with a relaxing vacation in the Mediterranean flair of Turkey. Experienced specialists in plastic-aesthetic medicine work at the highest level for your beauty treatment, while you benefit from the affordable cost of other services.

    The team of plans and accompanies you to your appointments, supports you with language uncertainties and organizes your beauty vacation in the modern metropolis of Istanbul individually and perfectly tailored to your wishes and needs. Our staff will be happy to advise you immediately. Send us your message with a phone number for prompt contact – and consultation about your VIP-beauty vacation for cheek lift in Turkey.

    What are the

    advantages of cheek lift in Turkey?

    With a view to the demands on high medical standards, the Turkish metropolis Istanbul with its offers resembles those in Germany. But while the basic costs for medical treatment and doctors’ fees are almost the same, many more advanced costs such as accommodation, meals or even wellness offers and personal services are considerably lower than the prices we are familiar with.

    At we pass on the cost savings from our innovative package deals directly to you. Thus, you will benefit from the optimized combination of high-quality vacation and VIP-beauty treatment at extremely affordable prices. In the process, you will enjoy our high-quality extra services, experience a fascinating culture during your regeneration time and, of course, be optimally cared for by us after you return home in all aspects of your beauty treatment such as the cheek lift.

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