Change of breast implants

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Breast implants removal and change

You have decided to have breast surgery with breast implants and now, after several years, you are no longer satisfied with the result? Do you have older implants that you would like to replace with modern and leak-proof breast implants? Or do you wish for another change in breast size, because the traces of age also show up in changes in the breast?

At we inform you about the possible options for the inexpensive and at the same time safe exchange of breast implants in Turkey.


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    What reasons speak

    for a breast implant change?

    There are different reasons for removing or changing breast implants. If the implants were inserted more than 10 years ago, replacement may be for health safety. However, it may be that the original breast augmentation by implant is no longer sufficient for the patient’s own well-being or that a smaller breast implant should be inserted. Breast implant removal or replacement may also be considered if there are problems with the breast augmentation, such as the formation of capsular fibrosis or bottoming out.

    Breast augmentation is medically called mammary augmentation or breast augmentation. If it is implemented with implants, different variants in size and shape are available. In this process, the short-term result is subject to the optimized consultation of the specialist in order to achieve a harmonious overall image of the body with which the patient feels comfortable. Nevertheless, the patient may not subjectively like the result as much as she thought. Thus, the implant can be exchanged for either a larger or a smaller one. In addition, just like the natural body, the operated breast is exposed to the influences of strong weight changes, hormonal changes due to pregnancy or menopause, and age. This can lead to a new desire for breast surgery in the long term.

    However, in addition to the aesthetic-plastic aspects and individual well-being, physical and health reasons can also speak in favor of breast implant replacement. Some patients react with the formation of capsular fibrosis in the years following breast augmentation with an implant. This is a hardening in the breast due to the formation of a comprehensive capsule around the breast implant. The body then recognized the implant as a foreign body and tried to encapsulate it to prevent harm to the body. In addition, breast implantation carries the risk of so-called bottoming out. This is a downward slippage of the implant, which affects the overall aesthetic shape of the breast as well as the patient’s well-being.

    Implants older than 10 years should be checked for future suitability in order to detect material fatigue at an early stage and, for example, to prevent silicone leakage due to implant rupture. This is especially true after special stresses on the chest, for example, due to an accident with strong influences on the upper body. Modern implants offer increased leakage protection compared to models from 20 or more years ago. Accordingly, the age of a breast implant may also be a reason for breast implant replacement.

    For whom is suitable

    the breast implant change?

    Suitable breast surgery for changing breast implants for women who have already had breast implants, but are dissatisfied with the individual breast situation in the short or long term. Since the breast and its appearance affect the well-being of many people, plastic-aesthetic medicine can provide a safe and gentle remedy. Beautiful breasts can be restored and problems with older implants due to wear or accidents can be eliminated.

    The most important prerequisite for breast implant replacement surgery is good general health and healthy breast from the medical point of view. For breast surgery in Turkey, as in Germany, the patient must be 18 years of age or older, since without the associated age of majority, the express and personal consent of the legal guardians is required. Patients who have already passed the age of 40 are additionally examined by ultrasound sonography and mammography during the preliminary examinations in order to exclude diseases of the breast. Individual risk factors such as necessary medication must be clarified before the procedure so that nothing stands in the way of good healing, surgical success and the desired breast implant exchange.

    Breast augmentation cannot be performed in the following cases

    • in women during pregnancy and lactation,
    • in case of existing diseases of the breast or allergies to silicone,
    • in people with pre-existing conditions that require blood thinners or anticoagulants, and in autoimmune diseases,
    • in people with intolerances to general anesthetics or
    • for acute infections.

    Our plastic aesthetic surgery doctors in Turkey will examine you just as thoroughly before breast implant replacement as they did during your first breast surgery. With many years of experience and high medical standards, your wish of the dream breast will be fulfilled in the best possible way and your health as well as your well-being will be the focus of the treatment. If you are unsure about the choice of a new implant for the breast, our doctors can also present you with alternatives if necessary. Thus, the combination of breast lift and the use of autologous fat offers a safe and usually well-tolerated alternative for the beautiful breast, which allows to reconstruct the natural breast shape after the removal of your old implant.

    What types of implants can be used for

    be used in a breast implant exchange?

    As with classic breast augmentation with implants, there are a variety of implant options available when changing breast implants. Priority is given to round and teardrop-shaped models, which are cushions filled with a high-quality silicone shell with saline or with silicone cohesive gel.

    Both variants are known to be modern and safe implants and, unlike silicone implants used in the past, can remain in the body for between 15 and 20 years. Exceptions are occurring complications or intolerances. Modern implants with silicone filling are filled by a silicone gel with high bonding strength, which means that they do not leak directly even if there are cracks in the silicone cushion (for example, after an accident) and can be removed comparatively easily if necessary.

    Implant positioning

    when changing breast implants

    The positioning of implants during implant replacement is usually done in the same place as the previous implant. This ensures a quick and usually uncomplicated healing process, as existing surgical scars as well as the breast pocket achieved by the old implant can be used.

    However, if there were problems with the old implant, the attending plastic aesthetic surgeon may also recommend relocation of the implant. This may be the case, for example, if capsular fibrosis developed in a breast implant over the pectoral muscle. Unfortunately, the removal of the capsular fibrosis and the implant with constant positioning of a new breast implant often results in the formation of new capsular fibrosis. The risk for this capsule formation can sometimes be reduced by placing the new implant under the muscle. Even for women with a very slender stature and little subcutaneous fat tissue, the change of position from the implant under the pectoral muscle can be purposeful.

    If you would like to use your own fat for breast reconstruction instead of the new implant, the body’s own fatty tissue is first suctioned out at a suitable site and then, after careful preparation, inserted at the appropriate site in the breast. Depending on the existing body situation, the positioning can be above and below the pectoral muscle if there is already breast fat in the desired location to which the autologous fat can be attached.

    Procedure of a

    breast implant exchange

    If you have decided on breast implant replacement, our specialist in aesthetic plastic surgery will discuss the individually suitable variant for breast surgery with you during the preliminary examinations and consultation sessions. As a rule, the same surgical techniques can be used in the operation as are used for breast augmentation or breast lift with initial implants. It is usually even preferred to be planned in the same way as the initial surgery to simplify the procedure and minimize additional scar development.

    Operation variants:

    • inframammary approach, three to six centimeter long incision in the skin fold under the breast
    • axillary approach, endoscopic surgery with incision in the fold of the axilla
    • periareolar approach, incision line along the areolas

    If, in addition to the removal of the old breast implant, the use of autologous fat is considered, the surgical treatment begins with the removal of autologous fat from a suitable part of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks or thighs. Thus, this variant is ideally suited as a combination treatment if liposuction is being considered at the same time. Approximately 1000 ml of autologous fat is required to obtain about 500 ml of autologous fat substrate for insertion into the breast tissue after preparation.

    The incision is usually made along previous scars to reopen access to the implant. The surgeon then removes the old implant and inserts the new model in the same or the alternate intended position in the breast. The wound site is then carefully closed and a stabilizing protective bandage and a special bra are applied around the breast, to be worn for a period of at least one week. These measures minimize the development of swelling due to edema as well as bleeding or hematoma. In addition, this procedure stabilizes and supports the placement of the implant (alternatively the autologous fat) at the insertion site.

    When undergoing surgery for breast implant replacement in Turkey, you will usually remain under observation in the hospital for one night to ensure optimal care in the first hours and to protect your health.

    Risks during surgery

    for breast implant exchange

    The high standards of medicine also ensure a high level of safety during operations in Turkey. Nevertheless, a risk can never be completely ruled out, as medical interventions always place a strain on the body and complications are possible both from the operation and in the wound healing process. Thus, even with careful planning and optimized clarification of contraindications, the body may react to the new implant (e.g. renewed or first-time capsular fibrosis, bottoming out) . Intolerance to the medical agents used (e.g. anesthetics, medications, suture material) is also possible in individual cases.

    In addition, breast surgery may cause temporary sensory disturbances and skin irritation in the breast. In the course of healing, swelling, bleeding and hematomas may occur or, in rare cases, injury to muscle fibers, nerve tracts and tissues may occur during surgery or in the case of wound healing disorders and inflammation of the wound sites.

    By paying close attention to the instructions given by your attending physician and the medical staff caring for you, you can reduce the occurrence of complications and minimize risks in the long term. Individual risks are also discussed during the consultation and their avoidance is communicated.

    The first days after breast implant replacement:

    Healing process and behavior recommendations

    After the implant replacement surgery, you will stay in the clinic for at least one night and will need to take special care and rest for the first few days. The attending specialist from our clinic will support you, as will the medical staff, by providing ointments and painkillers as needed, prescribing special bras, explaining wound care requirements, and assisting with any problems or concerns.

    If you have decided to have your breast implants changed in Turkey, German-speaking assistance is also available to you now for doctor’s consultations and exchanges with medical staff, so that language barriers cannot arise in the first place. As soon as the doctor gives his consent after the first follow-up examinations, you can move to the room reserved for you in the wellness hotel. There, too, there is still the uncomplicated possibility of contacting the doctor in case of complications.

    In the hotel you can optimally pamper yourself and recover from the procedure. For optimal protection, you should lie primarily on your back with your upper body elevated. This promotes lymphatic flow and reduces the development of swelling. You should also completely avoid exercise and physical exertion for the first two weeks after the procedure and avoid lifting heavy loads for at least eight weeks. You should also avoid strong sun exposure, sauna and solarium visits as well as swimming for two weeks.

    After about two weeks, if the wound is healing well, you can resume your first physical activities and light work. The special bra and supportive breast bandages should be renewed regularly, but should continue to be worn for about six weeks. To promote wound healing, also avoid consuming alcohol and nicotine, get enough sleep and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    your breast implant change
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    Why for breast implant replacement

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