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You wish to have a reduced bust? You would like to compensate for irregularities of the breasts or gain a firmer overall appearance for your bust? Our doctors will be happy to accompany you with modern plastic surgery techniques on the way to your dream breasts.

Breast reduction - What is breast reduction?

Large breasts are considered one of the symbols of pure femininity. But women are not always happy with their large bust size. Both the psychological pressure of body proportions that are perceived as disharmonious and the physical stress caused by the weight of large breasts can therefore give rise to the desire for breast reduction. Thus, by reducing breast mass, a double benefit can be achieved for greater well-being and improved body image.

In surgery, breast reduction is called mammary reduction. This involves targeted reduction of the amount of breast fatty tissue and careful removal of excess skin if needed. Both aspects are performed in such a way that the natural breast size is reduced to the desired cup size.


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    For which complaints

    is breast reduction the right breast surgery?

    Women with large breasts can develop various complaints that become a stress test in everyday life not only psychologically but also physically. For example, breasts that are too large in relation to body size and weight can be a strain on the spine because the weight of the breasts changes the center of the body, requiring constant balancing. This can lead to poor posture as well as problems in everyday life. This is particularly true in occupational activities with physical demands, such as in nursing and in the trades, in frequently standing activities (e.g. in sales or in services), and when sitting for long periods in the office.

    The result of the problem is pain and permanent tension, incorrect loading, serious discomfort in the back muscles and an increased risk of injury when lifting and loading the spine. This can also result in long-term discomfort, which is exacerbated by the incorrect loading and can even lead to a herniated disc. In addition, there are direct influences of the large breasts on the body. For example, the weight of large breasts can cause even well-fitting bras to quickly cut into the shoulders or cause skin irritation and eczema in the crease of the underbust, even with careful care. Even headaches and migraine attacks or numbness in the hands can be triggered by the chest being too big.

    Postural defects are also caused by psychological reasons, when the woman does not feel comfortable in her body. Many unconsciously make a hunchback to hide the size of the breasts by leaning slightly forward. Also, the well-being is permanently disturbed, because the constant feeling of glances at the large bust is perceived very intensively. The impression of being reduced to large breasts is created even in the case of very slim women whose appearance corresponds to the social stereotype of the “sex bomb with large breasts”. Last but not least, due to the stress on the breast tissue, large breasts tend to sag even with slight weaknesses in the connective tissue and thus at a young age. A circumstance that additionally intensifies the psychological stress.

    With breast reduction, both the psychological stress and the physical discomfort can be permanently reduced. Women who have opted for breast reduction often speak of a literal relief after breast surgery, as if a heavy burden has been lifted from them. Most of those affected feel not only more comfortable in their bodies after breast reduction, but also significantly more attractive and self-confident.

    Breast reduction is therefore the ideal breast surgery for women who suffer from specific discomfort due to large breasts:

    • for postural defects promoted by the weight of the breast,
    • for persistent pain in the back, shoulders and neck,
    • for sagging breasts, weak connective tissue and severely overstretched tissue due to breast weight,
    • in macromastia, excessive growth of the breast in relation to the body,
    • when everyday life is limited by the fullness of the chest, for example, at work or during sports,
    • in case of frequent skin irritations and eczema formation in the underbust fold as well as
    • in the case of psychological stress that can be attributed to breast size.

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    Important info about breast reduction

    How is a

    Mammary reduction / breast reduction performed?

    Mommy reduction is performed by our specialists in aesthetic plastic surgery in Turkey comparable to Germany. Before the breast reduction, there is a preliminary examination, during which the fulfillment of the necessary requirements is examined and the appropriate method of breast reduction for your desired breast is planned.

    The prerequisites include both the patient’s general physical condition and the particularly careful examination of the breast, which is supplemented by a mammogram and a sonography of the breast for patients aged about 40 and older. Already in the run-up to your health journey, personal aspects such as existing permanent medications are discussed and a recommendation is made for the time of preparation for the breast surgery. For example, you may be advised to talk with your primary care physician about discontinuing blood-thinning medications for the period prior to breast surgery, quitting smoking, or otherwise making changes in your daily life that could affect the outcome of breast reduction surgery.

    Breast growth should be complete for breast reduction to be implemented, which is why breast surgery is only performed on patients 18 years of age or older. Only in exceptional cases and with a high degree of suffering, breast reduction can be implemented beforehand with the express consent of the parents. These age regulations for breast reduction in Turkey are completely similar to those in Germany.

    Once all aspects of the patient’s medical safety and health care have been clarified, as well as the legal requirements, one of the appropriate surgical forms is suggested by the doctor to implement the breast reduction. Mammary reduction is always performed under general anesthesia. Breast reduction surgery lasts between 2.5 and 4 hours, depending on the method.

    The classic T-incision technique is the most common method of performing breast reduction in a good and effective way. A semicircular incision is made from the edge of the inferior areola, leading across the underside of the breast to the inframammary fold. A horizontal cut is also added there, making the cut line an inverted “T”. After the incision, glandular and fatty tissue is selectively removed and the skin is tightened towards the nipple to achieve the most natural, beautiful result for breast reduction.

    Further developments of the T-cut technique are seen in the I-method, also called cutting according to Lejour, or the L-cut technique. The Lejour technique uses only a linear incision from the edge of the areola to the crease under the breast for breast reduction of up to 500 g per breast, along which the excess tissue and skin are removed for tightening. The L-cut technique works the same as the T-cut technique, but follows the underbust crease starting from the vertical cut only in the direction of the center.

    However, in some cases it is also necessary to move the nipple upwards to ensure the reduced breast with a beautiful appearance. Then the nipple is usually separated from the surrounding tissue all around and excess skin is removed along the areola.

    In addition to the L-, I- or T-shaped incision techniques, more advanced methods can be used, for example, if a nipple correction (nipple correction) is performed in addition to the breast reduction, or if a special shape of the new breast is desired that requires more complex work. This is the case, for example, with the incision technique of the Benelli method, which is implemented by making a circular incision around the areolas and removing the skin located around the areolas. This incision technique is common, for example, in the field of breast lift, but in some cases it can also be the appropriate variant for individual breast reduction.

    However, the optimal method for breast reduction can only be determined individually and through the detailed discussion with the attending physician. With their many years of experience, our experienced cosmetic surgeons offer you optimal support and accompany you during the operation and in the course of treatment until the success of your breast reduction.

    Procedure of your stay

    in our beauty clinic for breast reduction

    If you decide to have breast reduction in Turkey, the active part of your health and beauty vacation begins with the doctor’s consultation and detailed examination. During this process, the doctor will determine the right method for your breast reduction and inform you about all important aspects from the medical side such as possible risks, individual requirements and others. Upon request, a German-speaking travel companion will be at your side during the entire stay or according to individual needs.

    The surgeon will give you a realistic assessment of achieving your desired breasts and suggest suitable options. Then, already in the first few days, the breast reduction is performed, which is carried out in our modern beauty clinic, whose high standards always keep your health in mind.

    The operation is then performed under general anesthesia. Following the breast reduction, a supportive breast bandage and a special support bra are applied. In addition, it may be necessary to place a drain during breast reduction to improve the healing process after surgery and to allow wound secretions to drain well. The drainage is removed a few days after the breast reduction. Experienced, medical staff is available to provide you with all-around care as needed while you recover from the exertions of breast surgery.

    The first days after breast reduction:

    Healing process and behavior recommendations

    As soon as the patient’s health permits and the follow-up examinations show positive tendencies in the wound healing, you will move from the premises of the specialized clinic for plastic-aesthetic surgery to your room in the wellness hotel. Due to the specialized cooperation between the beauty clinic and the wellness hotel, the needs for your recovery are also known to the hotel staff and the attending physician is always within reach in case of any uncertainties or complications that may arise.

    In the beautiful and modern ambience of the hotel room you will now enjoy the relaxed tranquility, let yourself be pampered by the hotel team and the diverse, but wellness offers. For example, you should refrain from sports activities and sauna visits and avoid direct exposure of the breast to the sun or solarium in the period after breast reduction. Instead, you can indulge in culinary delights or book soothing wellness treatments such as a facial massage. The more you take it easy, the more beneficial rest is to the recovery process. This includes avoiding lifting weights or stretching your arms after surgery or sleeping on your back.

    During the time of recovery, you can continue to use the services of a German-speaking escort during your stay and also enjoy small excursions into the culture of Turkey before you travel back home well rested after the breast reduction.


    during breast reduction

    The surgical procedure of breast reduction is a great strain for the body, which should be followed by gentleness and good care. However, even with good preparation and follow-up and breast surgery performed to the highest standards, risks cannot be completely ruled out. Thus, swelling, bleeding, hematomas or pain may occur in the breast area, or sensory disturbances and hypersensitivity reactions may occur in the breast as well as in the nipples. In individual cases, an infection of the wound edges may develop or, in the later course, the ability to breastfeed may be impaired.

    For this reason, you should follow the instructions of the attending physician very specifically, both before and after the breast reduction, and if any problems arise, you should see the physician promptly and beyond the follow-up appointments.


    your breast reduction -
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    Medical wellness vacation:

    Why travel to Turkey for breast reduction?

    The medical services of our beauty clinic in Turkey meet the high standards of German beauty clinics. The accomplished doctors specialize in plastic aesthetic surgery and offer you the optimal consultation and treatment that you are used to from doctors in your home country. However, the framework aspects such as accommodation in the wellness hotel, staff costs and services for your well-being and quality catering are much cheaper in Turkey.

    At we pass on these saved costs to you, which means that at comparably low prices you can not only implement the long-awaited breast reduction, but on top of that enjoy a wonderful luxury vacation with wellness factor. Treat yourself to a better quality of life with breast reduction in Turkey.

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