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Abdominoplasty - abdominoplasty

A flat and toned abdomen is the desire of many women. But the naturally beautiful figure is often affected not only by unwanted fat deposits, but also by sagging skin. If the skin on the abdomen is severely strained and flabby due to the natural aging processes or pregnancies, the well-being and self-confidence suffers. Then an abdominoplasty can provide relief. The treatment medically called abdominoplasty can bring significant improvement to almost all women, so that you can feel beautiful and comfortable in your body again in the future.

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    What is an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck?

    The female connective tissue varies and is particularly susceptible to severe impairment in the abdominal and waist areas. Diets, pregnancies, hormonal changes and normal aging processes therefore affect the abdomen in many women. Thus, over time, sagging areas of skin develop and, in the case of serious weight changes, skin folds, known as “fat aprons”, which women cannot always get rid of naturally, even with regular exercise and a good diet.

    The longer present, flabby and excess tissue can not regress on its own. The weaker the connective tissue, the more serious the consequences.

    Many women suffer from the flabby belly, which can not be changed either by training, or by adapted diet. Body image and self-esteem are often limited accordingly.

    Abdominoplasty, medically known as abdominoplasty, is a medical procedure of plastic aesthetic surgery in which the skin structures are tightened and excess tissue is removed. Since the fat deposits on the abdomen are also usually very stubborn, abdominoplasty treatment is also often performed in combination with liposuction on the abdomen to achieve a harmonious overall appearance.

    Causes of flaccidity

    of skin and tissue on the abdomen

    As versatile as women’s bodies are, so are the individual reasons for the sagging of tissues on the torso and especially on the abdomen. However, they have in common that even with regular exercise, cosmetic treatments and massages or diets they can no longer be eliminated completely or at least to the desired degree. The sagging abdominal wall is caused by, among other things:

    Serious weight changes and diets

    Large skin folds on the abdomen occur mainly when patients have lost a lot of body fat during a diet or when the connective tissue has been overstressed by frequent diets with a yo-yo effect. The reason for this is that the regression of skin areas is much slower than the loss of fat. As a result, “empty” skin flaps remain. In this variant, abdominoplasty can be used to remove large areas of skin and specifically reshape the abdomen, for example, with complementary liposuction.


    During pregnancy, the hormone balance changes and ensures, especially through an excess of estrogen, that the tissue becomes more supple and soft. This allows the body to keep up with the baby’s growth without damage. At the same time, the skin and connective tissue on the abdomen loses tone. As a result of this change, the abdominal skin may not always recover sufficiently after pregnancy. In addition, if the abdominal muscles are pushed apart during childbirth and do not make it back to their proper position on their own, this can lead to an unnatural change in the shape of the abdomen. In these cases, abdominoplasty can incorporate reconstruction of the abdominal muscles into the surgical tightening of the abdominal wall. As a result, the abdomen becomes firm and aesthetic again.

    Natural aging processes, also menopause

    The natural content of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the connective tissue determines the elasticity and tone of the skin and tissue parts. In the aging process, however, the content is reduced, whereby the elasticity increasingly decreases with age. In addition, irregularities in hormone balance sometimes occur during the menopause in women. If these turn out to be unfavorable, for example due to an excess of estrogen, the hormonal situation ensures increased softness of the tissue, which in turn has a detrimental effect on the skin on the abdomen. Weight changes thus receive additional impetus to accumulate smaller fat deposits in the skin, which form a “fat apron”. Targeted liposuction of smaller fat pads and a surgical abdominoplasty can then help restore a youthfully toned abdomen.

    Weaknesses in the connective tissue

    In some women, sagging skin on the abdomen and other parts of the body appears early because they have weak connective tissue due to genetics. Weak connective tissue is often inherited and increases significantly faster with age than in women who have normal connective tissue. Thus, for patients with connective tissue weakness, it may be advisable to consider an abdominoplasty at a young age for their own well-being and a good body image.

    For whom is suitable

    the abdominoplasty?

    Abdominoplasty is the right treatment for all people who want a tight abdominal wall and smooth abdominal skin, but cannot achieve it through exercise or dietary changes. For the treatment to be successful and the result to be purposeful, women should have completed childbearing wishes and the person’s weight should be comparatively stable. The latter is especially important after serious weight loss, so that the abdominal wall is not strained again after a short time.

    For the implementation of abdominoplasty a patient must be at least 18. years old and physical health must be sufficiently good. The presence of severe cardiovascular disease, blood disorders such as hemophilia, or metabolic disorders may be exclusion criteria that do not allow treatment. Otherwise, there is a high risk of complications or the emergence of unsatisfactory results.

    The treatment focuses primarily on the individual situation and the respective cause of the sagging abdominal wall. For example, troublesome subcutaneous fat can be removed via liposuction in addition to the abdominoplasty, while excess skin is reduced through the separation and new suturing of the abdominal wall. If necessary, a belly button correction can also be integrated into the procedure if this is desired by the patient.

    In addition, after abdominoplasty, great importance should be attached to a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Abdominoplasty, like liposuction, is not a sole solution for a flat and toned abdomen. However, it can be a purposeful supplement to enjoy a good body feeling again after serious changes of the body and consequently sagging, flabby skin on the abdomen.

    How does a

    Abdominoplasty from?

    If you decide to have an abdominoplasty, the first step is a detailed discussion between the doctor and you. This takes place with the reservation over VIP-beauty.travel directly locally in Turkey in the presence of a German-speaking travel company. The procedure is always performed under general anesthesia and is therefore scheduled as an inpatient procedure. During the consultation, in addition to general aspects such as the course of treatment and the individual health situation, the specific objectives are also discussed in order to subsequently explain the appropriate course of action. Medically, a distinction is made between the small abdominoplasty and the complete abdominoplasty.

    Small tummy tuck

    In many patients, the sagging of connective tissue and skin on the abdomen is present only in the area between the navel and the pubic bone. In these cases, the small tummy tuck can usually be performed without complications. In this procedure, a horizontal incision is made directly above the pubic bone to create an opening, pull the epidermis down, and remove the excess skin. Suturing the edges of the incision pulls the skin tightly over the abdomen, giving it its firmness. If smaller fat pads are present, which stand in the way of the tightening, these can also be removed by liposuction.

    Full tummy tuck

    In cases of greater sagging that extend beyond the area between the navel and the pubic bone, the belly button is often sagged as well. In this case, the full abdominoplasty allows not only the tightening of the abdomen, but also binds the reconstruction (restoration) of a beautiful belly button. Larger and smaller fat deposits are then first removed with liposuction (liposuction). This tightens the tissue and provides a good basis for the subsequent tummy tuck.

    A horizontal incision above the pubic bone is also the surgeons’ way for a full tummy tuck. If necessary, it may also be necessary to make one incision each on the left and right pelvic bones so that the entire area can be tightened well. If the belly button is to be corrected, incisions are made directly on the belly button to release it from its original position and then reposition it. If necessary, this can now also be reshaped. All abdominoplasty incisions are made in such a way that any scars that remain later can be easily covered, for example with underpants or bikini bottoms.

    If there is a separation of the abdominal muscles (for example, after pregnancy), the doctor speaks of rectus diastasis. The displaced abdominal muscles are then straightened during abdominoplasty and fixed with surgical sutures from the inside. Excess skin is removed with a scalpel at the end of the procedure and the resulting wound edges are appropriately sutured.

    Because there are multiple vessels and tissue types in the abdomen, the procedure must be performed with special care beyond the surgery. Thus, after abdominoplasty, the abdomen is first bandaged with an elastic abdominal bandage and drained to drain wound secretions and escaping body fluids. Both are removed after only a few days and the newly joined abdomen is encircled with a fitted abdominal corset. The abdominal corset is part of the compression garment, which should be worn continuously for at least five to six weeks after the procedure. This ensures blood circulation and promotes the healing process as well as the treatment result with a smooth and firm abdomen. Suture materials are mostly chosen classically for abdominoplasty, which is why they have to be pulled after about two weeks.

    The first days after abdominoplasty:

    Healing process and behavior recommendations

    Although abdominoplasty surgery is comparatively uncomplicated for experienced surgeons, it is a very strenuous procedure for the patient’s body. Basically, you should therefore plan a complete time-out of at least two weeks for the initial healing process.

    Depending on the wound situation, you may have to refrain from showering for the first few days. As a rule, the first shower is possible after three to five days. Cooling compresses will relieve any pain, while you should use wound-healing gels and creams for abdominal body care as directed by your doctor and nurses. Bathing, on the other hand, is unsuitable and should only be resumed after about six weeks.

    An elastic abdominal bandage will be applied to you before you leave the operating room. This is exchanged for the compression girdle after a few days. After two weeks, the sutures are pulled, but stabilization of the tightened abdomen requires wearing compression garments for a period of at least five to six weeks. Optimal results from compression are achieved when you wear the girdle for about three months.

    Physical exertion of any kind should be avoided for the first two weeks after the procedure. Even light occupations are a risk factor during this time. Although light exercise such as walking is advised to prevent the development of thrombosis, it should be implemented only in moderation and with caution. Depending on the extent of the tummy tuck, sports activities should be avoided for four to twelve weeks.

    In addition, refrain from strong sun exposure, sauna sessions or visits to the swimming pool and solarium for the first four weeks after the abdominoplasty.

    What risks and complications

    can occur during abdominoplasty?

    As with all surgeries, abdominoplasty carries a fundamental risk of complications. Lifting is a very strenuous and extensive procedure for the body, with the possibility of wound healing problems, infections and, very rarely, injury to nerve tracts and blood vessels. Heavy nicotine and alcohol consumption or the use of medications can impair the course of treatment, which is why these should be avoided or medications (especially those with an influence on bleeding tendency / blood thinners) should be discontinued a few weeks before the procedure.

    Normal consequences of the treatment show up with redness, swelling and bruising in the area of the tightened abdomen. Pain can be treated with analgesics, while numbness can usually be relieved with cooling compresses. However, the discomfort usually subsides a few days after abdominoplasty.

    If inflammation or wound healing disorders occur, surrounding tissue, especially in the area of the wound sites, can be affected. Prompt treatment is then important both for health and to avoid unsightly scars. Depending on the wound healing process, scars can take on different characteristics, which may require follow-up treatment.

    If you become pregnant after the surgery or if there is a serious weight gain, the abdominal situation may develop again as it did before the surgery. In addition, it may happen that the scars widen due to the stress on the tissue.

    In any case, follow the instructions and directions of your doctor and nurses very closely to reduce the risk of complications and promote the healing process as best as possible.

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